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Korsholmanpuistikko 38
65100 Vaasa
Web: www.multitronic.fi
Telephone: 06 - 319 77 00
E-mail: info@multitronic.fi

About Multitronic Oy

Multitronic Oy is a well established Finnish company founded in 1995. Multitronic Oy works under Finnish legislation.

Multitronic has during severals years got a sound know-how of e-commerce and has developed to be one of the leading webshops in Finland. All our systems are programmed by our own staff which give us total control of them.

Even if good working technical systems are important Multitronic has not forgotten the most important which is that you allways have a possibility to get personal service. Our sales staff are easy to reach  and if you have technical questions our service team will help you. You can easily be in contact with us by e-mail, phone or by visiting our shop in Vaasa. For us is it important that we have a competent but also serviceminded staff.   

Multitronic Oy's philosophy is based on the following elements:

  • An honest and good customer relationship
  • Doing the very best for every customer
  • Our reputation is more important to us than short term win
  • Having competitive prices
  • Having fast deliveries


  • Our business idea is to provide end-users with data products to competitive prices. Multitronic Oy has more than 20.000 different products which can be ordered directly from our webshop over the internet.
  • If you want to order and build your own computer/PC system and you are in doubt about compatibilities you can contact our sales department for advice.


  • Multitronic Oy provides internet services on our own reliable servers. Price list and products are available onhttp://internet.multitronic.fi/
  • You can also ask for an offer. Then can we together find the best solution for you. Ask for the offer by mailinfo@multitronic.fi or phone 06-3197700


  • Multitronic Oy offers service on computers, surrounding equipment, network, data security and servers. Multitronic Oy has a high qualified staff which can deal with most problems in a high tech environment. Contact service – service@multitronic.fi or phone 06-3197740


  • Multitronic Oy has an own programming department that takes care of all our own programming. We also program for external customers. If you are interested please contact Multitronic sales.



  • Multitronic Oy has a shipment rate which depends in the weigth of the shipment.
  • If you choose to fetch your products from our office in Vaasa the shipment cost is between 3 € and 7 € per shipment. When the shipment arrives in Vaasa we will inform you by telephone or e-mail that your products can be fetched.
  • Our office in Vasa is open Monday to Friday 9:00 to 17:00.
  • Åland: Multitronic Oy has an Åland customs number and can ship COD-shipments to Åland without that you as customer needs to bother with taxes.


  • International orders are subject to agreement with the customer.

Delivery time

  • Orders which are sent to us before 15:30 and where all products are in stock will usually be delivered the following day.

Status on products / which products are in stock

  • Delivery dates to the warehouse are estimated which the vendors / manufactures provide Multitronic with.
  • "Not SKU" & "Not confirmed" means that products are not in stock at the moment.


  • The following options are available:
    • Bank transfer
    • COD – cash on delivery
    • Prepaid invoice
    • Public institutions and established firms can order on invoice