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License quantity100-199
License typeGovernment (GOV)
License term in months1 month(s)
System requirements
Minimum hard disk space20000 MB
Minimum processorIntel
Minimum RAM1024 MB
Recommended processorIntel Dual/Quad-Core 2GHz
Recommended RAM2048 MB
Recommended hard disk space40 GB
Minimum processor speed1500 MHz
Source: Icecat.biz

Email Protection—Advanced
Email encryption, data loss prevention, anti-malware and spam protection.
This single license gives you a lot more for your anti-spam budget. Get the email encryption and data loss prevention (DLP) that you need to comply with data protection and privacy laws. And, you get protection from the latest threats and spam campaigns. We make it easy and affordable to have the most complete security for your email, both at your network gateway and on your mail servers.

- Meet all your needs with one license and one budget;
- Protect sensitive data with integrated encryption;
- Prevent information loss with DLP that we configure for you;
- Block the latest spam, malware, and evolving zero-day threats;
- Deploy your choice of secure mail gateway or message server solution in hardware, software, or virtual form factors;
- Scale to process hundreds of thousands of messages daily;
- Never deal with updates or upgrades again;
- Get support any time.

What you get:
- Protects sensitive data with automatic email encryption;
- Reduces the risk of data loss with pre-packaged DLP definitions;
- Blocks known and zero-day threats with our proven antivirus engine;
- Stops more than 99% of spam — no complex configuration required;
- Offers you email encryption, DLP, anti-malware and anti-spam in one license;
- Saves time with easy configuration, management and reporting tools;
- Choose the form-factor that fits you best: hardware, software or virtual;
- Cluster or scale your solution to meet the most demanding message environments;
- Includes automatic upgrades, 24-hour technical support and a three-year, advance replacement hardware warranty.

Secure your messaging – effectively and simply
Encrypt sensitive emails
Our Email Appliances include our new patent-pending SPX Encryption. Regulatory compliance and policy based encryption has never been easier. There’s no software to install and it works seamlessly with DLP to automatically protect your data.

Prevent data loss
You get content-aware data loss prevention with hundreds of included sensitive data definitions. And we’re constantly updating them at no charge to you. You’ll have an effective policy up and running in just a few clicks. And, consistent policy is a snap because you get the same DLP across endpoint and gateway.

Block threats
You’ll also eliminate known and unknown zero-day threats from your email. We stop previously unseen threats by analyzing their behaviour before they have a chance to run.

Stop spam
We block more than 99% of spam using a variety of techniques. Our Sender Genotype technology stops most spam based on the reputation of the sender alone. Live Anti-Spam catches the rest using our cloud service, leaving your inboxes and junk folders spam free.

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