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Makeblock Me LED Matrix 8x16 | Programmable LED for mbot

Product is end of life or currently not available. Please contact our customer service for more information regarding this product.

Programmable by mBlock

Drag-and-customized your own emotion, animation, scrolling-captions with mBlock which is a graphical programming environment based on Scratch 2.0 Open Source Code. It makes programming projects and interactive applications easier thru simply dragging and dropping function block. Know more

What's Me LED Matrix 8 × 16?

Have you ever imagined how vivid it would be if a dynamic face plate is added on your robot like mBot? Me LED Matrix 8x16 is an awesome place to start. You can create expressions, animations, or all sorts of other fun displays with them.

Dimensions     73 x 32 x 20mm
Operating Voltage     5V DC

Part List
1 x Me LED Matrix 8 × 16 module     1 x Acrylic     1 x RJ25 cable
8 x Plastic rivet R2064

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