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YEPZON GPS-tracker

YEPZON GPS-tracker

Manufacturer: YEPZON
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Children are great explorers. Every day is a new adventure colored with interesting things and exciting places. Every great explorer must have peace to find those things and places. IF and WHEN you need to find those places too, there is Yepzon.

Yepzon provides a simple way to ease life and increase the safety of your loved ones. Quick and easy way that is accessible to all. It takes only a touch of a button and you’ll be aware of your children’s whereabouts.

Yepzon is a safety device that is designed to keep children safe. Yepzon is small but powerful. Yepzon uses three different technologies to inform you as to where your children are. Since it has no buttons, it cannot be turned off. That’s one of the reasons that it is so safe.

The Scandinavian design makes Yepzon a great accessory that goes well with any outfit. Just mix and match – and be safe. If you feel that your Yepzon is more of a shy one, just put it in their little pocket to join all of the interesting adventures of your little one. Yepzons don’t need to be washed, but they are waterproof.
Reliable and durable - Made in Finland

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