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iTronic Seinäjoki

Important message to our iTronic Seinäjoki customers.

iTronic Seinäjoki is moving to the new IdeaPark shopping mall and will become a part of the Multitronic Seinäjoki store. We will continue offering you a full line-up of Apple products, Authorised Apple Service and Apple expertise. The grand opening of the new store will be on Thursday 14.11, and we will celebrate it with many excellent offers!

Due to the moving purposes, we will keep the current store location closed from Monday 11.11.2019. You can pick-up your orders or service cases until Saturday 9.11.2019. After that, we will move all products and devices left for repairs to IdeaPark. We will notify all customers whose orders will be affected. All the orders placed on our website between 08.11 and 14.11.2019 will be delivered to the new location.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone 020 1775500 or email seinajoki@itronic.fi.