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Protection Service for Email is a turn-key solution for small and medium enterprises that is delivered by certified F-Secure resellers.

Email security challenges of SMEs
Email is a vital business tool for companies. Unfortunately, most of the email traffic is spam that reduces your employees’ productivity and burdens your IT infrastructure. Protection Service for Email is a smart choice for companies with limited IT resources. You can concentrate on your business and let experts take care of your email protection.

Peace of mind with security as a service
With Protection Service for Email, your business runs smoothly and you never have to worry about the email protection or spam again. The solution is hosted by F-Secure whose expertise is trusted by more than 200 of the largest operators around the globe. Your local IT services partner deploys and manages the service for you. You do not need to invest in hardware, you can pay as you go. Protection Service for Email takes only one business day to set up. Your company saves both time and money by allowing the professionals to take care of your email security.

Reliable cloud-based service
With Protection Service for Email, small and medium-sized businesses can have enterprise-grade email protection without the technical expertise. Innovative, award-winning technology developed by F-Secure makes sure that your email stays protected all the time and your business can run smoothly. The solution is easy to acquire from your trusted reseller, who has been trained and certified by F-Secure. The reseller manages your email policy, rules, and quarantine via the cloud, allowing you to concentrate on your business. The infrastructure is hosted by F-Secure with no investments required from you.

Best of breed email security
Protection Service for Email provides powerful, real-time protection for all emails. The solution protects against unwanted content, viruses, spyware and spam. The protection is based on award-winning F-Secure technologies. You can access the quarantine easily and release any stopped emails with a push of a button. Machine learning technology provides highly accurate spam protection. You can easily create personalized safe lists and block lists. Email encryption prevents confidential information from leaking outside the company. It is the most powerful and flexible solution in the industry for policy-driven email encryption, but extremely easy to use at the same time.

Rely your email security to the experts
F-Secure is undeniably the world’s leading Internet security service vendor; over 200 operator partners rely on us and our strong experience as a service provider. Our certified resellers are trained to take care of your security in the best possible way and they can provide a customized service specifically for you. The technology behind Protection Service for Email is highly effective, the industry-leading accuracy has been praised by independent test organizations.

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