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Unmatched Server Protection
Sophos Intercept X for Server secures your cloud, on-premises, or hybrid server environments from the latest malware threats, gives you unparalleled visibility of your organization’s estate, and lets you control exactly what can run on your servers.

All-In-One Server Protection
Intercept X for Server delivers protection that has been top-rated by industry experts, combining server-specific features to create a comprehensive, defense-in-depth solution. Block malware even when it has never been seen before, stop ransomware in its tracks, prevent dangerous exploit techniques, and deny hackers.
In the cloud, you can discover and protect your Amazon AWS EC2 instances and Microsoft Azure workloads, as well as enforce consistent policies to Auto Scaling Groups and Virtual Machines (VM). Deployment and setup is simple and fast with VM extension scripts and CloudFormation templates.

Automated Threat Detection and Response
Get unparalleled visibility of your servers with Intercept X for Server. Hunt down evasive threats, see and control exactly which applications are running, and automatically respond to incidents.
Endpoint detection and response (EDR) gives you visibility across your organization’s entire estate so you can proactively detect stealthy attacks, better understand the scope and impact of security incidents, and confidently report on your organization’s security posture on short notice.
And with Intercept X for Server and Sophos XG Firewall working together, you can isolate compromised servers to stop threats spreading laterally while the threat is automatically cleaned and get 100% visibility of the apps running on your servers, stopping unknown apps from communicating outwards.

Take Control of Your Servers
Servers are your organization’s most important assets. With Intercept X for Server, you can control exactly what can and can’t run so your server configurations stay safe and secure.
Quickly create policies for threat protection, application, peripheral, and web control and apply them across your deployments in just a few clicks. Policies can also be configured individually for servers that require them.
Server Lockdown secures your server configuration in a single click, preventing any unauthorized changes so that only apps approved by you can run – and it doesn’t require any server downtime.

Simplify Management and Deployment
Sophos Central makes managing your servers easy. Policy management, alerts, and reporting are all accessed from the same screen. Sophos Central also provides default policies and recommended configurations to ensure that you get the most effective protection from day one. And the license policy and agent deployed is the same for physical, virtual, cloud, and mixed deployments.