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Lisätietoa tästä tuotteesta
Yhteensopivat prosessoritCeleron,Core i3,Pentium,Xeon
Prosessorin kantaLGA 1150
Intel® Xeon seriesE3-1200
Tuettuja prosessoreita1
Muistipaikkojen määrä4
Tuetut muistityypitDDR3-SDRAM
Tuettu UDIMM kellotaajuus1333,1600 MHz
UDIMM-muistin enimmäismäärä32 GB
USB 2.0 -portit2
Ethernet LAN (RJ-45)-portit3
VGA (D-Sub)-portit1
SATA III-liittimiä4
SATA II-liittimiä2
Paino ja mitat
Paino6,5 kg
Tuotteen korkeus43,4 mm
Tuotteen leveys380 mm
Tuotteen syvyys430 mm
Virtalähde250 W
Vikasietoisen virtalähteen tuki (RPS)
Päävirtalähteiden määrä1
LAN (kiinteä)
LAN-kontrolleriIntel I210
RAID-tasot0, 1
Tuettujen kiintolevyjen koot3.5"
Liitetty USB (eUSB) SSD-vaihtoehto
PCI Express x16 korttipaikkoja1
PCI Express korttipaikan versio3.0
Muut ominaisuudet
Näytönohjaimen perheAspeed
Integroitu näytönohjain
Tuotteen väriMusta, Hopea
Rack kiskot
Sisäänrakennetun näytönohjaimen malliAspeed AST2300
Sisäänrakennetun näytönohjaimen muisti32 MB
Optiset asematDVD-RW
Yhteensopivat käyttöjärjestelmätCentOS 5.8/6.3 64-bit
CentOS 5.8/6.2 64-bit
Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise
Windows Server 2008 Enterprise SP2 64-bit
Windows Server 2012
Windows 8 32/64-bit
RedHat Enterprise Linux AS5.8/6.3 64-bit
RedHat Enterprise Linux AS5.8/6.2 64-bit
Ubuntu Desktop 12.04
Source: Icecat.biz
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Smart compact 1U server

As always, ASUS works hard to deliver servers that offer optimal performance. In this generation, the ASUS RS100-E8-PI2 supports the new Intel® Xeon® E3-1200 v3 processor family, and can operate with great stability at up to 40-degree centigrade sustained ambient temperatures. It is also features an 80 PLUS Bronze power supply for enhanced energy savings and lower power bills. In addition, it offers advanced I/O options, a user-friendly design, and complete remote server management through ASWM Enterprise and ASMB7-iKVM. All of those features make the RS100-E8-PI2 the best server for SMBs.

The latest Intel processors

The RS100-E8-PI2 is ready for new-generation Intel Xeon 22nm processors, which deliver a significant performance improvement over previous-generation CPUs.

Ultra-quiet and energy-saving

The RS100-E8-PI2 delivers excellent noise mitigation, lowest as 30 dB (idle mode), which is lower than the noise output of an average projector at 42dB. It also ships with an 80 PLUS Bronze power supply to reduce power loss and power consumption, helping consumers save on energy bills.

Flexible deployment options in a compact rack form factor

With a short 15” chassis, the RS100-E8-PI2 easily fits in diverse rack cases, largely increasing density per rack to save space. In addition, it offers the ideal size for IT deployment, which also saves considerable cost when setting up a data center.

PCI Express 3.0-ready for powerful expandability

The RS100-E8-PI2 ships with one PCI-E x16 slot (Gen3 x8 link) designed to accommodate the power of full-height add-on components such as 10Gb/s LAN cards. PCI Express 3.0 provides unprecedented data speeds, combined with the convenience of seamless backward compatibility with PCI Express 2.0.

Comprehensive Windows RAID support

Embedded RAID allows the RS100-E8-PI2 to support Intel® Rapid Storage Technology Enterprise for Windows, improving data protection and increasing storage reliability. Using RAID, servers set up with the latest Windows server-grade operating system run with improved fault tolerance compared to non-RAID or single-drive systems.

Optimized user experience design

A front VGA port provides greater convenience and flexibility, allowing customers to connect a monitor from the front. There is also an “asset tag” on every RS100-E8-PI2 for better identification within a server cluster. ASUS further furnishes several choices for OS drive placement, such as SSD and SATA DOM cages, plus internal Type A USB.

Comprehensive remote management

ASUS presents the most complete remote server control, including out of band ASMB7-iKVM and in-band ASWM Enterprise. Out-of-band ASMB7-iKVM offers LAN management, while in-band ASWM Enterprise provides “one on many” usage. IT professionals don’t have to check servers one by one, but instead can use ASWM Enterprise to monitor the status of all servers from a friendly graphical user interface.

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