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Livall helmets

Bling comes with built-in Bluetooth speakers and a microphone so you can listen to music and take phone calls while cycling. There's even a walkie-talkie feature that lets you chat with other Bling helmets. Everything is controlled with a remote that clips to your handlebars for easy, safe access.

And speaking of safety, Bling comes equipped with G-force sensors that detect if you crash your bike and take a tumble. If you don't get up after a few seconds, the helmet will send an alert to an emergency contact you assign so you can help.

Bling comes in two designs; BH100 and BH60. The BH100 is designed for mountain biking and has lights that run along the top of the helmet, plus signal lights on the back. The BH60 is made for city riding and just features rear signal lights. Both have the built-in speakers, mics and safety sensors, and both come in several bright colors, including red, yellow and blue. I really dig the helmets' smart and sleek style, which looks more sleek than a typically helmet and has bright LEDs that help you stay visible and safe.