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65100 Vaasa
Сайт: www.multitronic.fi
Телефон: 06 - 319 77 00
E-mail: info@multitronic.fi


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Технические характеристики
Совместимостьaera 500
Colorado 300/400c/400i/400t
Dakota 20
Edge 605/705
eTrex Legend HCx/Cx/Cx
eTrex Vista HCx/Cx
GPSMAP 60CSx/60Cx/620/640/76CSx/76Cx
GVN 52/53
iQue 3000/M4
nüvi 1200/1250/1260T/1300/1350/1350T/1370T/1390T/1450/1490T/1690/200/200W/205/205W/250/250W/255/255W/260/260W/265T/265WT/270/275T/285WT/350/360/370/465T/500/5000/600/610/650/660/670/680/750/755T/760/765T/770/775T/780/785T/850/855/880/885T
nüvifone G60
Oregon 200/300/400c/400i/400t/450/450t/550/550t
Rino 520HCx/530HCx
StreetPilot 7200/7500/c310/c320/c330/c340/c510/c530/c550/c580/i2/i3/i5
zūmo 220/450/550/660/665
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