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Experience the advantages of Dell ProSupport Plus
You and your employees need to feel secure in your selection of end-user hardware. Your end users are entrusted with your business strategy, and they need access to expert support to keep up with business momentum.

With access to the right support for mixed environments, your IT staff and Dell can set the stage for greater growth and innovation by ensuring that all software and hardware vendors are actively participating in the resolution of problems, conquering the complexity you now face.

ProSupport Plus includes:
- 24x7 priority access to hardware and software experts.
- Next business day onsite repair after remote diagnosis.
- Proactive monitoring, automated issue detection, failure prevention, notifications and case creation enabled by SupportAssist.
- Repair for accidental damages caused by surges, drops or spills.
- Keeping a hard drive after replacement to ensure data security.

Let Dell help you proactively monitor your PCs and tablets to keep them optimized and running at peak performance with ProSupport Plus. Some ProSupport features are not available on all products.

What are the key ProSupport Plus advantages?
Single Resource for software and hardware expertise
We provide immediate advanced trouble shooting from an expert to reduce your business’ downtime. We give you deep and broad expertise on hardware and software to enable comprehensive issue resolution.

Proactive and predictive automated support with Support Assist
Feature allows remote monitoring and automatic case creation that provides you with accelerated issue resolution and improved productivity. We keep your small business running at peak performance.

**Predictive analysis failure detection is limited to hard drives and batteries.

Accidental Damage Repair
You have the ultimate peace of mind for your business with repair for drops, spills and electrical surges. This can reduce out-of-pocket expenses for unexpected repairs and get your users back to business quickly and efficiently.

Retain hard drive after replacement
You control your hard drive and sensitive data. This protects exposure of confidential data or IP and helps you comply with privacy regulations and internal policies.

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