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K/Galaxy Tab E 9.6"w Adj Flr Stnd KskBlk

376,90 €
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Технические характеристики
СовместимостьSamsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6
МатериалАлюминий, Чугун
Цвет товараЧерная
Максимальный размер экрана24,4 см (9.6")
Тип замкаКлюч
Цветовая группаЧерная
Вес и размеры
Вес5,6 кг
Максимальная высота подставки115 см
Высота подставки100 см
Гарантия2 лет
Source: Icecat.biz

Space Galaxy Tab E 9.6 Adjustable Floor Stand Kiosk - Galaxy Tab E Kiosk

Compatible with:
- Galaxy Tab E 9.6

This new and exciting product line of Galaxy Security Adjustable stands, have positioned the company as the global leading brand in the Galaxy and Samsung security category.

The Space Enclosure for Galaxy Tab E 9.6 kiosk has open corners for proper ventilation and access to the audio and charging ports for continuous charging. These features allow for a fully functional device even when locked in the Galaxy Tab E 9.6 Enclosure.

The keyed lock makes it easy to access when tablet maintenance is required.

This Security Stand is perfect for Point of sales, Point of display and customer interface.

Galaxy Enclosures and security solutions are used by the leading banks, airlines, restaurants and hotel chains, hospitals and government agencies world wide.

The stand is made from high grade aluminum with a cast iron base for maximum stability with attractive styling.

They have been designed buy some of the world's leading engineers in the field.

The Stand can be set up at various heights: 39" - 45" / 100cm - 115cm .

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