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PFW 952 plasma seinäkiinnike kahdelle näytölle

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Наличие / Доставка
Динамика цен
Технические характеристики
Количество в паллете14 шт
Угол наклона20°
Угол поворота180°
Расстояние от стены (макс)72 см
Расстояние от стены (мин)72 см
Количество опорных точек1
Прочие свойства
12 кг
Цвет товараСеребряный
Максимальная емкость (вес)60 кг
Source: Icecat.biz

The PFW 952 right-angled flat display wall mount back-to-back features a wall mounting plate with a 72 cm arm and turn and tilt unit. NOT including 2 interfaces FAU 3150 or FAU 3125. Suitable for displays up to 42".
The PFW 952 right-angled flat display wall mount back-to-back is part of a modular system which enables you to create your own wall mounting solution for 2 LCD/Plasma TV's up to 60 kg. Just add the needed 2 universal flat display interfaces (FAU 3150/3125), depending on the display. The Autolock® locking system locks the interface onto the mount and prevents the display from falling of the turn and tilt unit when accidently lifted. The optional lock PFA 9008 blocks the locking system, hence preventing theft. This support is especially applicable in hall ways or in corners, if the connecting wall is not suitable for mounting.