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PowerVision PowerEye w. Gimbal & Camera

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Foldable body, light and easy to carry

Collapsible design with a total weight of less than 8.8lb. Size after folding: 13.4"X11.2"X11.6"

29.5 minute flight time

Class-leading flight time of up to 29.5 minutes

3.1 miles image transmission distance

Up to 3.1 miles control range and real-time HD video transmission

33 ft. obstacle detection

If an obstacle is within 33 ft., the sensor will trigger the alarm

Mounted 4K aerial camera with replaceable lens

Unique replaceable lens design, compatible with a variety of micro 4/3 standard lenses

Mount 3x zoom lens

Supports 3x zoom lens mode, compatible with 14-42mm lenses

Integrated FPV camera that can be utilized for numerous scenarios.

Through the redesigned dual FPV camera, users can observe the front and bottom of the aircraft. Using the remote controller and FPV camera, items can be delivered precisely. The module supports a payload of 2.2lb - 4.4lb for a maximum flight time of 13 - 17 minutes. It provides powerful support, with control interfaces that can be customized according to individual needs. The module can be equipped with a flashlight, loudspeaker, gas detection device, panoramic camera or tilt camera.

Open platform SDK for ultimate customization

An open platform SDK allows users to further customize the device's software to expand its unique design to suit a variety of use cases.