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Heating Control Kit

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Наличие / Доставка
Динамика цен
Дисплей с задней подсветкойcheckmark
Вес и размеры
Высота83 мм
Ширина43 мм
Глубина13 мм
Тип батареекAA
Число поддерживаемых батарей2
Напряжение батареи1,5 В
Внешние условия
Диапазон температур (T-T)-20 - 55 °C
Содержимое упаковки
Пульт дистанционного управленияcross
Цвет товараБелый
Функции памятиcross
International Protection (IP) кодIP20
Совместимость c брэндомNorthQ
Максимальная дальность в помещении30 м
Умный термостатcheckmark
Гарантия2 лет
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The Warming Power

The Heating Control Kit is an intuitive, automatic and cost effective solution which provides energy efficiency and comfort control. The kit consists of two Danfoss Living Connect, our electronic wireless radiator thermostats, Q-Stick, our small and powerful gateway. Through our online platform HomeManager you can easily visualize and optimize your energy consumption while controlling your NorthQ devices and other compatible devices.


The smallest gateway available on the market, which connects to the existing Wi-Fi network and controls up to 16 Z-Wave devices.

2 x Danfoss Living Connect

These thermostats improve the energy efficiency by 23% and can be operated remotely as well as manually.

Automatic Synchronizing Of The Room Temperature

When controlled through HomeManager the system automatically synchronizes the temperature set point between the thermostats in the same room and helps you to optimize your energy consumption

Open Window Detection

The Danfoss Living Connect features an open window detection system. This automatically closes the valve if the room temperature falls dramatically. This reduces wasteful heat loss and unnecessary energy costs.

Automatic Valve Exercising

To keep the radiator valve functional at its best, the Danfoss Living Connect automatically services the valve once a week by opening it fully and then returning to its normal setting.

Accurate Temperature Control

The build-in sensors measure and control the actual room temperature very accurately.

Frost Protection

The system does not go lower than 5 °C in order to avoid burst pipes during the winter.