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MicroConnect Cat5 F/UTP - network cable, 15 m, PVC, Grey

MicroConnect Cat5 F/UTP - network cable, 15 m, PVC, Grey

Производитель: MICROCONNECT
ID: STP515
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Наличие в магазинах
Динамика цен
Длина кабеля15 m
Тип кабеляCat5
Цвет товараСерый
Материал защитной оболочкиПоливинилхлорид
Стандарт кабеляCat5
Экранирование кабеляF/UTP (FTP)
Гарантия5 года

CAT5e cables enables a convenient and reliable connection from one network device, such as switch, modem or router, to another or to the infrastructure at large through a patch panel, keystone jack or wall outlet. This cable are also used a lot in small office and home network and entertainment applications. These cables are tested up to 100Mhz (CAT5e standard) and are backwards compatible with CAT5 cables. They are produced with latch protection, which prevents the connector do be damaged when you install the cable through an installation with very less space. Furthermore this cable is manufactured with shielding. This protects against both EMI (electromagnetic interference). EMI can cause crosstalk between circuits, resulting in degradation of data, increased errors and slower transmission rates, but by using this shielded cable you will avoid this problem.

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