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Vikt & dimension
Sändare, djup4,37 cm
Sändare, höjd3,99 cm
Sändare, bredd8,65 cm
Sändare vikt53 g
Antal batterier2
Strömkälla typBatteri
Bildfrekvens30 fps
Videoupplösningar640 x 480 pixlar
Produktens färgSvart
Source: Icecat.biz
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Lets You Monitor Your Child on Your Sat Nav
- The world’s first in-vehicle video baby monitor that works with your dedicated Garmin sat nav¹
- Seamlessly switch from navigation mode to babyCam view
- Night vision captures video in bright and low-light conditions, without disrupting your child
- Helpful alert reminds drivers to check for passengers before exiting the vehicle
- Easily mount babyCam to the headrest in minutes; no tools needed

Driving with Baby Just Got Easier
New parents have plenty to think about when driving with a baby on board. That’s why we created Garmin babyCam: the world’s first in-vehicle video baby monitor designed to give you an “on demand” view of your baby on your compatible Garmin sat nav1. So, you can drive with turn-by-turn GPS route guidance and still check on baby without turning around. Garmin babyCam — it’s the watchful helper you need. Every trip. Every time.

Night Vision
babyCam also features night vision to give you a clear view in low-light conditions without turning on interior lights or disturbing your baby (who may have finally nodded off to sleep). Day or night, the camera captures quality video, and its adjustable viewing angle enables you to focus in on baby — or widen the picture to include multiple children and carseats in back.

Installs Easily in Minutes
You don’t need tools. You don’t need wiring. Fact is, you don’t need more than a few minutes to get your babyCam system up and running. A simple, but highly secure, twist-to-clamp bracket lets you mount the camera to a front or back seat headrest*, depending on which way your child’s car seat is facing. By simply connecting your compatible1 Garmin sat nav to the wireless video and traffic receiver power cable (included with babyCam), your system is ready to sync. Once your device is powered on and wirelessly paired with babyCam, you’re all set to view the live video feed on your sat nav’s display.

Pair with Your Garmin Navigator
For your convenience, babyCam was designed to work with a broad range of Garmin sat navs. You can easily pair babyCam with any compatible1 Garmin car, truck or camper navigation device of your choice. What’s more, if your paired Garmin sat nav has voice-activated navigation, you can even use a spoken command to switch the display, hands-free, to the babyCam view.

Add More Cameras, If You Like
Up to 4 cameras (Garmin babyCam or Garmin BC™ 30 Wireless Backup Camera, each sold separately) can be combined in 1 system for your vehicle, allowing for multiple camera views to be displayed on your Garmin sat nav’s screen.

Long Battery Life
Your babyCam is powered by 2 AA rechargeable or disposable batteries (not included) that typically will last up to 3 months. When your navigator is paired to your battery-powered babyCam, you may switch from navigation screen to babyCam view. Save battery power by adjusting the preset babyCam view to 10, 20 or 30 seconds. A helpful onscreen alert lets you know when the batteries in babyCam are running low. If desired, plug babyCam into a constant power source, such as your vehicle’s lighter/power outlet.

Leave Worries Behind, but Not Your Baby
With babyCam, you can drive with confidence. And once you’ve navigated to your destination, a helpful on-screen alert will remind you to check the rear seats for any passengers you’ll want to take with you before exiting the vehicle.

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