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366,90 €
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Leveranskostnad: från 4,80 €
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Postens paketautomat6,90 €
Postpaket6,50 €
Till dörren-paket13,70 €
Hempaket15,30 €
Matkahuolto Närpaket7,70 €
Matkahuolto Busspaket4,80 €
Tekniska data
Dockningsstation ingårcheckmark
Vikt & dimension
Höjd79 mm
BatteriteknikNickel-metallhydrid (NiMH)
Batterikapacitet3000 mAh
Drifttid110 min
Laddningstid4 h
Handhållen fjärrkontrollcheckmark
Produktens färgGrå
Typ av dammbehållareDammpåse
Ljudnivå Lc IEC56 dB
Rengöringshastighet240 mm/sek
DammsugarprogramAutomatisk, Punkt
Dammkapacitet (totalt)0,57 l
Source: Icecat.biz

The internet of things extends to your robotic cleaner. The ECOVACS App makes life a little easier by controlling your DEEBOT M81Pro while at home or away. The Deebot M81Pro is an attractive and powerful Floor Cleaning Robot featuring the advanced 5-stage cleaning with dockable wet/dry mopping system. It can sweep, lift, vacuum, mop and dry floors in one pass. The advanced wet/dry mopping system has a small integrated water reservoir that automatically dampens half of the advanced wet/dry cleaning cloth to remove dirt and debris, and then dries the floor to a bright clean. Equipped with a large capacity dustbin and intensive cleaning functions, this product can clean more thoroughly and for longer time between having to empty the dustbin so you can keep your feet up for longer. The High Efficiency Filtration System reduces airborne contributors associated with allergies and asthma. The "Floating" main brush automatically adjust to uneven surfaces so the suction inlet stays close to the floor.

- Smartphone Control at home or away
- 5-in-1 Cleaning System with Advanced Mopping: Sweep, lift, vacuum, mop and dry all with one robot.
- Simple programming and operation: just press the AUTO Button.
- Smart Clean Mopping System with an integrated water reservoir.
- Extra large dust bin and High Efficiency Filter, DEEBOT M85 can easily clean up household dirt and dust.
- 4 cleaning modes, allowing you to choose the right one that fits your needs: AUTO-, INTENSIVE, SPOT-, EDGE-MODE.
- Avoids obstacles, stairs and other cliffs.
- Remote control with display
- Large accessory pack: Charging dock, remote control, water reservoir, 2x washable and reusable Smart Clean cloths, 2x filters, 4x side brushes and much more.

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