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REX 8 Value Edition Blk ATX
93,90 €
inkl. 24% Moms
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från 6,60 €
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Postens paketautomat6,90 €
Postpaket6,70 €
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Hempaket15,30 €
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1 år
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Antalet USB 2.0 anslutningar4
Antal USB 3.0 (3.1 Gen 1) typ A-portar2
Vikt & dimension
Vikt6,5 kg
Höjd420 mm
Bredd185 mm
Djup485 mm
Inbyggd kortläsarecross
Som stöds Hårddisk storlek2.5,3.5"
Handhållen fjärrkontrollcross
Förbättrad kabelhanteringcheckmark
Front fläktar installerade1x 120 mm
Front fläktar diametrar stöds120 mm
Bakre fläktar diametrar stöds120 mm
Bakre fläktar installerade1x 120 mm
Flytande kylförmågacheckmark
Materialakryl, Metall
Produktens färgSvart
Som stöds moderkorts formfaktorerATX
Antalet 5,25 "fack4
Antal 3,5 "vikar4
Maximal CPU-kylare höjd16 cm
Maximal grafikkort längd29 cm
Antalet expansionsplatser7
Maximal PSU längd30 cm
Strömförsörjning ingårcross
Source: Icecat.biz
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The REX8 is an ATX case with four external installation bays for 5.25" drives. An additional four installation bays are available through the plastic multifunctional mounting frame. With this, both 3.5" and 2.5" devices can be used, making it suitable for almost all hard drives, SSDs, card readers, etc. In addition, this frame has the ability to attach a 120 mm fan, which in turn can cool a hard drive.

The USB and audio ports as well as the power button are easily accessible and found in the upper part of the front panel and on the top of the case. The case features a complete interior finish and offers quick-locking mechanisms for fast installation of drives and hard drives. The component cables can be arranged through the cable management system in a space saving manner and without hindering the inside air flow. The power supply is built on the bottom of the case.

The Value model offers an acrylic window on the side panel, two USB3.0 and four USB2.0 ports. The USB3.0 ports are internally attached to the mainboard via a 19-pin connector. This is complimented by the two preinstalled 120 mm LED fans in the front and rear of the case, at which the mount for the front fan is designed so that the fan can be mounted in the front of the case at various positions; thus allowing it to be placed wherever the hottest components are.
The Value model is available in black as well as white with a black mesh grill. In both cases the fans are illuminated in blue.

An accessory set is included in delivery, while the instruction manual can be downloaded.

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