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Ваш лучший напарник.

Скидка 12% на MacBook Air и MacBook Pro для студентов и преподавателей.

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MacBook Air

От 1082 €
58 €/мес. (24 мес.)

К товарам

MacBook Pro 13”

От 1346 €
68 €/мес. (24 мес.)

К товарам

MacBook Pro 16”

От 2464 €
128 €/мес. (24 мес.)

К товарам

Mac mini

От 752 €
41 €/мес. (24 мес.)

К товарам


От 1118 €
58 €/мес. (24 мес.)

К товарам

iMac Pro

От 5264 €

К товарам

Why choose a Mac?

Mac doesn’t just support learning, it enhances it. Students love the experience of working on Mac because it’s just built to be better in so many ways.

Perfect study partner

Built to be better Mac notebooks are incredibly thin and light, making them perfect for the lecture hall, and everywhere else on campus. And with a Mac, everything just works, because the hardware and software are made specifically for each other from the start.

All you need

Complete Each Mac comes with the software you need to do the things you want, straight out of the box.


Organise your studies with Calendar, Notes and Reminders. Produce incredible work with Keynote, Pages, Numbers, iMovie and GarageBand. Stay connected with Mail, Messages and FaceTime.


Mac is also compatible with the software you use every day. Microsoft Office runs brilliantly on a Mac, allowing you to achieve everything you need to do, on the computer you want to work with.


Privacy, security and the environment Mac is designed from the ground up to keep your information safe and protect your privacy. That’s because we build data security into every Mac as our first thought, not an afterthought.


Each Mac is designed with the environment in mind, with PVC-and BFR-free construction and highly recyclable aluminium. You can even trade in your eligible Mac for a credit or let us recycle it responsibly at no cost.

Campaign terms

1. The campaign is valid until 30.10.2020.
2. You can get a 12% student or teacher discount only for MacBook Air (2020), MacBook Pro 13” (2020) and MacBook Pro 16” (2019), including custom configurations (CTO). For any other CTO version you can get only (6%) student discount.
3. You can get a 6% student discount for any other Mac computers, including Mac mini and iMac
4. You need to hold a valid student card or enrolment certificate from a high school, college, university or university of applied sciences.
5. You need to hold a valid teacher card or educational certificate from a high school, college, university or university of applied sciences