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G.Skill Trident Z RGB 64GB (2 x 32GB) DDR4 3600 MHz, CL16 - memory, Black

G.Skill Trident Z RGB 64GB (2 x 32GB) DDR4 3600 MHz, CL16 - memory, Black

Производитель: G.SKILL
ID: F4-3600C16D-64GTZR
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Наличие в магазинах
Динамика цен
Тип памятиDDR4
Время задержки CAS16
Тактовая частота памяти3600 MHz
Оперативная память64 GB
Конфигурация памяти (модули х емкость)2 x 32 GB
Прочие свойства
Страна производстваТайвань
Тип внутренней памятиDDR4
Error-correcting code (ECC)cross
Цвет товараЧерный
Тактовая частота памяти3600 MHz
Напряжение памяти1.45 V
Каналы памятиDual-channel
Комплектующие дляПК/сервер
Оперативная память64 GB
экстремальный профиль памяти Intelcheckmark
Версия Intel Extreme Memory Profile (XMP)2.0

The Ultimate DDR4 Just Got Better!
Featuring a completely exposed light bar with vibrant RGB LEDs, merged with the award-winning Trident Z heatspreader design, and constructed with the highest quality components, the Trident Z RGB DDR4 memory kit combines the most vivid RGB lighting with uncompromised performance.

Full Range RGB Support
The uncovered light bar is designed for visual gratification in full RGB. The default lighting sports a fluid full spectrum rainbow wave. Downloadable software allows expanded effect and color customizations to the memory modules. Color match your build and rethink the possibilities with RGB.

Exceptionally Engineered
Trident Z RGB retains the iconic design element of the traditional Trident Z lineup - featuring luxurious hair-line finished aluminum heatspreaders and an aggressive fin design for highly efficient heat dissipation. The top of the heatsink has been exclusively engineered to mount a wider light diffuser for more extravagant lighting effects. Look no further for a memory that combines performance and beauty for building a stylish, modern PC!

Trident Z Means Overclocking
Each memory kit contains specially screened ICs through G.SKILL's unparalleled selection process and a custom engineered ten-layer PCB offering maximum signal stability; and every single kit is rigorously tested for reliability, compatibility, and performance across a wide range of motherboards.

Reveal Your Inner Colors
Create a one of a kind PC with the Trident Z RGB memory kit! The best thing about having RGB capabilities is the ability to choose the colors you want. Whether it's white on one day or green on the next, you can be sure these modules will look current and modern in any build.

XMP 2.0 Support
Just set and go. Programmed with the latest Intel XMP 2.0 profiles, the only thing between you and extreme performance is a simple setting.

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