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Web Protection provides enhanced protection against web threats. It includes the following features:

- Live URL filtering, which blocks access to websites that are known to host malware. This feature works by performing a real-time lookup against Sophos’ online database of infected websites.
- Content scanning, which scans data and files downloaded from the internet (or intranet) and proactively detects malicious content. This feature scans content hosted at any locations, including those not listed in the database of infected websites.

Web Protection is supported on the following web browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera and Microsoft Edge. Web content accessed via an unsupported browser is not filtered and will not be blocked.

When access to a malicious website is blocked, an event is logged that can be viewed in the Web Event Viewer and in the Computer details of the endpoint computer where the event occurred. If you use the Web Control feature, both Web Protection and Web Control events are displayed in the Web Event Viewer and Computer details.