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Fujitsu Nvidia Quadro NVS 310 512MB - Graphics card

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Графический процессорNVS 310
Максимальное разрешение2560 x 1600 пикселей
Максимальное аналоговое разрешение1920 x 1200 пикселей
Максимальное цифровое разрешение2560 x 1600 пикселей
Ядра CUDA48
Семейство графических процессоровNVIDIA
Тип памяти графического адаптераGDDR3
Шина памяти64 бит
Ширина полосы частот памяти (макс)14 ГБ/с
Объём памяти дискретного графического адаптера0,5 ГБ
Порты и интерфейсы
Тип интерфейсаPCI Express x16
Количество портов DisplayPort2
Версия DisplayPort1.2
Потребляемая мощность (в обычном режиме)19,5 Вт
Сертифицировано Energy Starcheckmark
Число слотов1
Тип охлажденияAктивный
Встроенный TV-тюнерcross
Версия DirectX11
Версия OpenGL4.1
Версия шейдера5.0
Dual Link DVIcross
Гарантия1 год
Source: Icecat.biz

The NVS 310 graphics board provides a reliable hardware and software platform to enable fast, cost-effective integration, deployment, and support across large enterprises. Each board features DisplayPort 1.2, NVIDIA Mosaic™ technology, and NVIDIA nView® desktop-management software, and can drive up to two 30-inch displays at 2560x1600 resolutions. This lets you maximize your productivity by better managing your desktop applications and increasing your desktop real estate. Plus, every NVS 310 is tested on leading business applications and designed with the ideal balance of performance and power to meet your most demanding business needs.

Get high-resolution display support

Drive up to two 30-inch (2560x1600) digital displays through native dual DisplayPort connectors on a low-profile card. For larger-scale displays, you can easily expand your display configurations with multiple NVS 310 graphics solutions and NVIDIA® Mosaic technologies. In addition, optimize your productivity with NVIDIA® nView® desktop software that helps you efficiently manage your display real estate.

Experience an ultra-reliable hardware and software platform

Get the trusted platform that's designed, tested, built, and supported by NVIDIA to meet the highest standards of quality assurance for maximum uptime. Enjoy full compatibility with industry-leading business applications such as Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe® Acrobat®, McAfee Virus Scan, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and many others.

Enjoy robust enterprise management tools and support

Take advantage of exhaustive enterprise management tools to seamlessly deploy NVIDIA technology and business applications across your enterprise for maximum uptime. You can also remotely query and control graphics and display settings using a standard WMI-based interface across multiple displays.

Maximize energy efficiency to minimize costs

Now, you can intelligently adjust power consumption based on the applications in use, without sacrificing performance. The NVS 310 is Energy Star compliant, so it's easy to reduce your total cost of ownership.

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