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Osmo Numbers

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Osmo Numbers - Develop self-confidence with numbers

Osmo Numbers - dive into an ocean of fun!
The game features an immersive underwater world. Discover and collect over 90 beautiful fish of all kinds, from regnbågsfiskar to monster fish!
Practical games with numbers
Children can organize physical discs, including points and numbers to create speech and managing levels. Add by adding more tiles, subtract, remove the tiles and multiply by joining tiles.

Experiments are fast and intuitive.
When children realize that there are several ways to solve a problem, then the mathematics of both creative and fun.
Develop confidence using numbers
Kids can play math games without feeling the time pressure or the fear that the answer wrong. Osmo provides real-time feedback that allows children to learn through experimentation in a stress-free environment.
Designed for all ages
With calculations, addition, joining and multiplikationsläge, there is a challenge for everyone. When children are becoming increasingly confident in a position, they can continue to the next, allowing them to learn at their own pace.
To use Numbers, you'll need a tripod and reflector from Osmo Starter Kit.
Numbers pack contains only number tiles. The associated app is available for free on the App store.
NOTE! All games now have menus and instructions in Swedish, Norwegian and Danish!

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