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Производитель: GARMIN
ID: 010-01680-13
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Онлайн: Время доставки: 06.02 - 11.02
Наличие в магазинах
Динамика цен
Совместимые карты памятиMicroSD (TransFlash)
Тип носителя памятиФлеш, Твердотельный накопитель (SSD)
Диагональ экрана12,7 cm (5")
Разрешение экрана480 x 272 пикселей
Дисплей с задней подсветкойcheckmark
Сенсорный экранcheckmark
Порты и интерфейсы
Подключение к USBcheckmark
Вес и размеры
Вес173,7 g
Высота84 mm
Ширина140 mm
Глубина18 mm
Технология батареиЛитий-ионная (Li-Ion)
Время работы батареи (макс)1 h
Тип источника питанияАккумулятор
Количество маршрутов1000
Канал оповещения о трафике (TMC)cross
Ограничения скоростиcheckmark
Исключение из маршрутаcheckmark
Автоматический пересчет маршрутаcheckmark
Подсказки для выбора полосы движенияcheckmark
Он-лайн сервисcross
Озвучка названий улицcheckmark
Он-лайн канал оповещения о трафике (TMC)cross
Спорт (фитнес, бег)cross
На открытом воздухе (туризм, отслеживание)cross
На море (картплоттеры, эхолоты, поиск рыбы)cross
Геокэшинг (GPS поиски клада)cross
Грузовой транспортcheckmark
Покрытие картыВся Европа
Карты в комплектеcheckmark
Пожизненные обновления картыcheckmark
Цвет товараЧерный
Чтение сообщений text-to-speechcheckmark
Встроенная камераcheckmark
Гарантия2 лет
Source: Icecat.biz

Advanced Navigation with Smart Features
- Easy-to-use GPS navigator with connected features and bright 5.0-inch capacitive touch display
- Preloaded with lifetime maps1 click here to see coverage
- Provides real-time services2 such as live parking3 and live weather
- Free Garmin DIGITAL Traffic via DAB - Garmin's best traffic solution - out of the box!
- Bluetooth® calling4, smart notifications5 and voice-activated navigation
- Built-in Wi-Fi® for easy map and software updates

Stay connected behind the wheel with Garmin DriveSmart, the navigator that features a collection of smart features in addition to helpful driver alerts and easy-to-follow directions. From hands-free calling and live traffic information to built-in Wi-Fi and more — the future is on your Garmin. Just look ahead and drive.

Live Services for Your Drive
Outsmart traffic jams with time-saving alternate routes or by avoiding them altogether. Then, with live information, spend less time looking for a parking space. Get live on-street parking information, up-to-date weather forecasts and more, on your Garmin DriveSmart. As you near your destination, take the stress out of parking by viewing pricing and availability trends for on-street public parking. The Smartphone Link app, also enables LiveTrack2, which lets drivers share their location so friends can track your whereabouts whether you are running errands around town or taking a long road trip.

Putting the Smart in Smart Connectivity
When you sync your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone to Garmin DriveSmart, you get great features that let you stay connected without taking your hands off the wheel. Make hands-free phone calls and receive customisable smart notifications on your navigator’s display. That means you can see incoming calls, text messages and calendar reminders without ever having to reach for your phone.

Voice-activated Navigation
Need directions? Just say the word. Garmin DriveSmart features voice-activated navigation that responds to your commands and then navigates to where you need to go. (Full Europe model only)

Wi-Fi Keeps You up to Date
We make it easy to keep your maps and software up to date now that the Garmin DriveSmart navigator features built-in Wi-Fi. When a new update is available and you’re on your wireless home network, you’ll automatically receive an onscreen notification. That’s your cue to plug your device into any outlet and let it update over Wi-Fi while it charges. Then you’ll be ready to hit the road again.

Driver Alerts: Know Your Surroundings
To encourage safer driving and increase situational awareness, Garmin DriveSmart provides driver alerts for sharp curves, speed changes, railway crossings and animal crossings. Additionally, the navigator will warn you when driving the wrong way on a one-way street and alert you to nearby schools and school zones. Receive notifications for nearby red light cameras and speed cameras6, and even get fatigue warnings7 that suggest potential rest areas after several hours of driving.

More Navigation from Your Garmin Smartwatch
When you pair this navigator with your compatible Garmin smartwatch (sold separately), you can receive navigation right on your wrist, even after you’ve parked your car and are walking toward your destination. Also get helpful driver alerts on your watch. Don’t worry about losing your car in a crowded car park; your smartwatch provides compass guidance from your parked vehicle to your destination and back to your vehicle again.

Road Trips Just Got Better with TripAdvisor®
When you’re not familiar with the area, it’s nice to have something to point you in the right direction. That’s why we’re bringing TripAdvisor to your Garmin DriveSmart navigator. View ratings for travel points of interest, such as hotels, restaurants and attractions, along your route or near your destination. From the world’s largest travel site directly to your car, we’re helping you find the stops that make the entire journey part of the destination. Also locate new attractions with the built-in Trip Planner tool, which adds fun to road trips by suggesting interesting stops along the way.

Friendly Guidance from Garmin Real Directions™
Redefine “spoken turn-by-turn” directions with Garmin Real Directions. Our easy-to-understand driving directions use recognisable landmarks, buildings and traffic lights in addition to spoken street names, guiding you as if your best friend is sitting in the passenger seat. No more squinting to read distant street signs. Just listen for Garmin Real Directions to tell you, “Turn left after the Petrol Station,” or “Turn right after the red building.” Following directions has never been easier.

Works with Garmin Backup Camera
For a complete navigation solution, Garmin DriveSmart pairs with the BC™ 30 Wireless Backup Camera (sold separately; professional installation recommended). Once connected, you can easily see vehicles, pedestrians and other obstacles right on the Garmin DriveSmart display as you move in reverse.

High-quality Maps
The quality of map data can make all the difference between finding your destination and getting lost. High-quality HERE map data enables your Garmin device to provide you with the information you need, when you need it most — reducing the frustrations of driving by avoiding delays and cutting down the time you spend in your car.

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