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ADATA PT100 Power Bank 10000mAh Blue/White

ADATA PT100 Power Bank 10000mAh Blue/White

Производитель: A-DATA
ID: APT100-10000M-5V-CBLWH
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Наличие в магазинах
Динамика цен
Порты и интерфейсы
Разъем Micro-USBcheckmark
USB разъем для зарядкиcheckmark
Количество выходов USB A2
Количество коннекторов Micro-USB1
Вес и размеры
Вес285 g
Высота21,5 mm
Ширина63 mm
Глубина140 мм
Технология батареиЛитий-ионная (Li-Ion)
Емкость батареи10000 мА·ч
Входное напряжение5 V
Выходное напряжение5 V
Ток на входе2 A
Напряжение батареи5 V
Источник зарядкиПостоянный ток
Ток на выходе порта 11 A
Ток на выходе порта 22,1 A
Светодиодные индикаторыcheckmark
Вкл/Выкл переключательcheckmark
Содержимое упаковки
Поставляемые кабелиMicro-USB
Цвет товараСиний
Совместимые устройстваМобильный телефон / смартфон, Планшет, MP3/MP4, GPS, Електронная книжка
Количество одновременно подключаемых устройств (макс)2
Встроенный фонарьcheckmark
Гарантия1 год
Source: Icecat.biz

Enjoy Continuous Mobility Wherever You Go

The PT100 Power Bank offers high-capacity 10000mAh charging via two USB outlets. Charge your smartphone and tablet simultaneously and quickly. Use your PT100's handy LED flashlight to light up your mobile life!

*Only available in Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, India and South Asia.

Portable Easy-Grip Design

A streamlined easy-grip design allows you to carry the PT100 easily while charging. Available in 2 color combos: White / Blue & Black / Green

Worry-Free, Continuous Charging

No need to worry about running out of power when you're on the go! The PT100 comes with a whopping 10000mAh charge capacity – enough for up to 3.7 full charges for an iPhone, and charges for an iPad Mini.

Auto On-Off & Synchronous Charge / Discharge

Whenever you connect your device to the PT100, it automatically begins charging without needing to press a button. When charging finishes, the PT100 automatically shuts off. With synchronous charging and discharging, your PT100 provides a even quicker charge.

4-Mode LED Lighting

ADATA's PT100 Power Bank also works as an LED flashlight with 4 lighting modes. Just press and hold a button for 2 seconds to turn on the built-in flashlight. Press the button quickly to switch between flashlight modes. Whenever you need to use your PT100, it remembers which mode you last used.

LED Power Level Display

An LED power level indicator shows how much power remains in the PT100.

Smart Energy Saver

The PT100 automatically turns off when disconnected from your device, when the device is fully charged, or when idle for 20 seconds.

Stability Meets Durability

By using high-quality battery components, the PT100 Power Bank offers you superior stability and extended lifespan.

Available in even more colors than before!

Originally offered in two colors, PT100 power banks now give you a spectacular choice of six color schemes. Pick from black, blue, all-new Tiffany Blue, red, green and more to truly express yourself

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