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Osmo Pizza Co Game ? Få matlagningskunskaper och ekonomiska färdigheter!

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Онлайн: 34 шт доступно Время доставки: 1-4 рабочих дня
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Содержимое упаковки
Содержимое упаковкиPizza/Tray, Toppings, Money tiles, Pizza Co. app, Stackable storage
СовместимостьiPad, iPhone
Тип продуктаЭлектронная игра
Рекомендуемый возраст (мин)6 лет
Рекомендуемый возраст (макс)12 лет
Source: Icecat.biz

Make pizza, make change, and (hopefully) make profits when you run your very own cartoon pizza shop!

The customers at this shop really are a bunch of animals. When these pernickety pizza lovers place their orders, kids make the pizzas, collect payment and count out the change. Successful players can even invest their profits into upgrading their business! Maths has never been this delicious.