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Makeblock Codey Rocky, smart robot, STEAM, Bluetooth, wifi, vit

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Динамика цен
Встроенный экранcheckmark
Технология батареиЛитиевая
Тип батареекВстроенная батарея
Емкость батареи950 mAh
Напряжение батареи3,7 V
Тип источника питанияПерезаряжаемая батарея
Содержимое упаковки
Поставляемые кабелиUSB
Цвет товараЧерный, Белый
Тип продуктаПрограммируемый робот
Source: Icecat.biz

What is codey rocky?
Codey Rocky is a coding robot for STEAM education. It provides an entertainment learning experience of programming for children of ages 6+.

The combination of easy-to-use robotics hardware with block-based programming software mBlock 5, guarantees that beginners can get started coding within minutes. With just one click you can turn your visual code into Python code and continue learning an advanced and practical language.

mBlock 5 supports AI-functionality and Internet of Things-functionality, giving children access to AI and IoT since young and thus equipping them with stronger competence in an age of intelligence.

Codey is the controller with different sensors and a programmable main control. It can be used alone mainly for teaching tasks. Moreover, it can work with the chassis Rocky to perform more tasks.

Rocky is the chassis and can work only by matching with Codey. With Rocky, it can avoid obstacles, recognize colors, follow lines and etc.