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Samsung Touch Overlay CY-TE75ECD - Kosketuspinnoite - monikosketus - infrapuna malleihin Samsung ED75C, ED75D

1772,90 €
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Технические характеристики
СовместимостьED75C, ED75D
Диагональ экрана190,5 см (75")
Время отклика12 мс
Коэффициент отражения10
Сенсорная технологияМультисенсорный
Технология сенсорного экранаИнфракрасный
Количество точек одновременного касания10
Уровень тусклости15%
Вес и размеры
Вес19,5 кг
Высота1017,2 мм
Ширина1739,2 мм
Толщина2,96 см
Толщина стекла3,2 мм
Ширина рамки3,79 см
Данные об упаковке
Масса брутто29,6 кг
Глубина упаковки1136 мм
Высота упаковки265 мм
Ширина упаковки1890 мм
Гарантия1 год
Source: Icecat.biz

Transform Existing LFDs into Interactive Touchscreens
The Touchscreen Overlay Accessory converts a standard LFD into a touchscreen LFD for a more interactive viewing experience. A special treatment on the front of the panel provides a realistic writing experience that is similar to writing on a conventional whiteboard

Optimize the Functionality and Longevity of LFDs
In today’s unstable economic environment, businesses are constantly looking for ways to “do more with less” and to enhance equipment functionality with as little expenditure as possible. Samsung overlay accessories can upgrade a company’s existing LFDs and eliminate the need to purchase new displays.

Add Value to an LFD with Quick Overlay Installation
Samsung overlay accessories offer installation that is designed to be quick and uncomplicated. The installation process enables businesses to upgrade LFDs within minutes, as compared to competitor all-in-one products that require additional steps. Samsung overlay accessories are lighter, slimmer and less expensive than most conventional LFDs that have touchscreen and protective glass features.

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