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Samsung Touch Overlay CY-TQ85LDAH - Kosketuspinnoite - monikosketus - infrapuna - langallinen - USB malleihin Samsung QM85D, QM85D-BR, QM85E-BR

3189,90 €
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Время доставки: 11.01.2019
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Технические характеристики
Plug & Playcheckmark
Диагональ экрана2,16 м (85")
Время отклика11 мс
Сенсорная технологияМультисенсорный
Технология сенсорного экранаИнфракрасный
Количество точек одновременного касания10
Вес и размеры
Вес27,5 кг
Высота1130 мм
Ширина1949 мм
Толщина3,2 мм
Гарантия1 год
Source: Icecat.biz

The new Samsung CY-TQ85LDAH adaptive touch module (sold separately) can be attached to the Samsung QM85D 85” UHD Commercial Display to enable touch capability for interactive applications.
Available in 85 inch, Samsung’s IR touch technology enables up to 14 points touch with one draw capability (software and PC device dependent, sold separately)
Suitable for teaching, demonstration, and even kiosk applications, the CY-TQ-LDAH series Adaptive Touch Module helps the interactive experience.

Transform Samsung’s QM85D SMART Signage Displays into Interactive Touchscreens
The adaptive touch module options (sold separately) can convert a QM85D displays into a touchscreens for an impressive interactive viewing experience. A low glare treatment on the front of the glass assists with the writing experience.

Quick Installation for Interactive Functionality
Samsung adaptive touch modules are designed for simple installation. The module fits right over the front of the QM85D display and is secured in place with screws, enabling businesses to change their display into a touchscreen in virtually minutes.

Sleek Design with Multi Touch Capability
4 point touch with 1 draw capability , Samsung’s 85inch adaptive touch module, offers flexibility to create multi-touch applications*.
*Multiple touch capability is dependent on software applications and hardware used (both of which are sold separately).

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