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Withings Smart Body Analyzer black

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Технические характеристики
ТипПерсональные электронные весы
Точность100 г
Максимальная емкость (вес)180 кг
Единицы измерениякг, фунт, ST
Функции памятиcross
Измерение индекса массы тела (ИМТ)checkmark
Минимальный вес5 кг
Вес и размеры
Вес2,1 кг
Высота23 мм
Ширина320 мм
Глубина320 мм
Технология батареиЩелочной
Тип батареекAAA
Число поддерживаемых батарей4
Напряжение батареи1,5 В
Цвет товараЧерный
Содержимое упаковки
Батарейки в комплектеcheckmark
Гарантия1 год
Source: Icecat.biz

An enlightening experience.

Discover your body data put into perspective and step off the emotional roller coaster. Consider variations of the fat-lean ratio and Body Mass Index to make sure you target the right pounds. Reveal patterns, become weight-aware.

Helps you stay focused.

Successful lifestyle changes rely on continued efforts. Having access to this rich body data helps you see your progress and make informed choices. In the end, you spare your motivation, enjoy the weight tracking process and enter a virtuous circle.

Data you can trust.

Reach an unmatched level of accuracy. All our Internet-connected body scales are equipped with Position Control™, a technology that warns you if you are leaning too much. To optimize the fat mass measurement, pick the right body composition model. If you exercise vigorously on a regular basis, switch to "Athlete mode".

One-stop tracking.

Now you can take your pulse while you weigh yourself, with no extra effort. Just stand a few seconds on the Smart Body Analyzer while it measures your heart rate through your feet - an ease of use only matched by the sophistication of the technologies involved.

Assess your fitness level.

Health starts with a strong heart. Take regular measures and consider your standing resting heart rate's history to know if you're improving your fitness level. Lowering it over time means that you are strengthening your heart, which is always good news.


Thanks to the effortless data collection and your Withings Health Cloud, we will have crunched all the data into easy to read graphs which are readily available to you before you even realize it. Access your securely stored data whenever and wherever you need it in the dedicated web and mobile apps

Hand in hand.

Use the Health Mate app as a coach. Beyond the data, set weight goals and let us take you there. The app will break them down into weekly achievable targets while keeping you focused with relevant tips and reminders on your smartphone and tablet.


Whether you're into weight loss coaching, activity and calorie tracking, or cardio fitness, there's a great chance we're already compatible with your favorite apps. If you're new to this, you'll discover how our open approach to healthcare can further leverage your body data.


RunKeeper is an app that uses your smartphone’s GPS ability to keep track of your outdoor fitness activities. It lets you monitor your progress on the RunKeeper website and even share your running life with friends.

See the invisible.

As the scale checks the indoor air quality through temperature and carbon dioxide measuring, the app builds a CO2-level graph with the important thresholds and lets you know when to clear the air.

Improve your sleep.

As the scale helps you make sure you keep CO2 at healthy levels, when placed in your bedroom - a rather confined space where you spend a lot of time - you can get the most restorative nights.

60 second set up.

Installing the scale Pc-free is a breeze. Stand by the scale. Tap a few times on your mobile or tablet to download the app and pair the scale with your devices.

Versatile connectivity.

The scale works over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The long-range Wi-Fi lets you weigh in from any room in your home. Bluetooth connectivity suits easy on-the-go usage.

Instant. Instinctive.

Depending on the context, the scale decides which technology to use for the most seamless experience. Just weigh yourself and get back to your life.

One scale fits all.

This scale is made for the whole family: the scale is able to recognize up to 8 users. Everyone can have their own user profile and access it independently.

Sharing options.

Decide who sees your data. By default, your readings are private, but you can decide to forward them to your doctor via email or to share them with the world, taking advantage of Facebook and Twitter to rally support.

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