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littleBits Wireless Transmitter -5 channels-

littleBits Wireless Transmitter -5 channels-

Производитель: LITTLEBITS
ID: 650-0150-00A01
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Динамика цен
Вес и размеры
Вес10 g
Высота12,5 mm
Ширина95 mm
Глубина190 mm
Тип управленияБеспроводной
Рекомендуемый возраст (мин)14 лет
Source: Icecat.biz

The wireless transmitter & receiver Bits enable you to control your creations wirelessly. To do this, you need to make two separate circuits, one to transmit the signal and one to receive it. The wireless transmitter and receiver need each other to work, and they both need power. The Bits can communicate a signal up to a distance of about 100 feet indoors!

Real World Applications:

- Remote-Controlled
- Car Walkie-Talkie

How It Works

The three bitSnaps (labeled 1, 2, and 3) on the both the transmitter and receiver correspond to each other. For example, if you send a signal through bitSnap 1 on the transmitter circuit, the output connected to bitSnap 1 on the receiver circuit will send out that same signal. The wireless Bits are also able to communicate on five different transmission channels, like a walkie talkie. To change the channel, press the button on the board and choose a,b,c,d or e. Both the wireless transmitter and receiver need to be set to the same channel in order to talk to each other. The five transmission channels allow for multiple transmitter/receiver pairs to be used in the same vicinity. Multiple wireless receivers can be used with a single wireless transmitter if they’re on the same transmission channel. However, only one wireless transmitter can be used within the same proximity of another wireless transmitter.

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