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Projecta Tens Elpro Concept 300x216 MWhite

3338,90 € Показать НДС 0% Показать НДС 24%
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Наличие / Доставка
Динамика цен
Вес и размеры
Вес38 kg
Высота1910 mm
Ширина3000 mm
Данные об упаковке
Масса брутто46 kg
Глубина упаковки3700 mm
Высота упаковки210 mm
Ширина упаковки230 mm
Цвет товараЧерный, Белый
Легкая установкаcheckmark
Черная капля3 cm
Тип крепленияПотолок/стена
Диагональ3,43 m (135")
Тип приводаМоторизованный
Собственное форматное соотношение16:10
Общий размер экрана (Высота x Ширина)191 x 300 cm
Диагональ (метрич.)342 cm
Видимая ширина экрана (Ш)2,9 m
Видимая высота экрана (В)181 cm
Поверхность экранаМатовая белая
Source: Icecat.biz

When the case of the projection screen cannot be installed into the ceiling, offer the elegant, high-end designed Elpro Concept instead. The Tensioned Elpro Concept is available with the latest technology in projection surfaces designed for 4K and Ultra HD to maximize the technology of your projector. Projecta raises the bar for every wall or ceiling installation. The leaf-shaped case of the Elpro Concept offers a stylish solution for design-sensitive installations.The entire range of Elpro Concept is available up to a width of 380 cm wide and comes with a 5 year limited warranty. Tab-Tensioned The tab-tensioning system will keep the projection surface under a constant tensioning for a perfectly flat viewing area. A flat projection surface will get the most out of your projector, making sure no pixels get lost or deformed. If detail is important a perfectly flat projection area is vital.

- Stylishly designed electric projection screen for wall or ceiling mounting with tab-tensioned system for a perfectly flat screen surface. If you cannot hide the case into the ceiling, use a projection screen that is worth noticing
- A five year limited warranty on the Concept range to match the high quality of the products
- Smooth Roll Technology: A patent pending roller technology to keep your screen perfectly flat
- Easy to mount onto a wall or ceiling thanks to the Easy Install system
- Thanks to Easy Install plug and play connecting the screen to power or one of the many accessories is quick and easy
- The case and the projection screen surface can be made to exactly the right size and the case is available in any colour for optimal integration into any interior
- Limit switches are factory set guaranteeing a long life span. The Tensioned Elpro Concept is supplied with a wall switch
- New user friendly packaging for an even faster installation
- High speed motor which is mounted in rubber dampers for low noise operation