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Tenda MW6, AC1200, Dual-Band, Wi-Fi 5 - Mesh system, 2-pack

Tenda MW6, AC1200, Dual-Band, Wi-Fi 5 - Mesh system, 2-pack

Производитель: TENDA
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Динамика цен
Характеристики беспроводной LAN
Wi-Fi диапазоныDual band
Основной стандарт Wi-FiWi-Fi 5 (802.11ac)

nova MW6 is powered with true Mesh technology, a set of three units cover home up to 6,000 sq.ft with strong Wi-Fi signals. Smart Auto-path Selection technology to ensure a robust wireless network and maximize a faster home internet.

6000 sq.ft coverage, Wi-Fi connected anywhere
No matter the structure, a set of three nova units could fully cover up to 6,000 sq.ft. There's no hiding place for deadspots so you can enjoy a fast and consistent WiFi experience wherever you go.
Wave2.0 MU-MIMO + Beamforming technology
Powered by the cutting-edge Wave2.0 MU-MIMO technology, nova can communicate with multiple wireless devices at the same time, and significantly outperforms traditional routers in communication efficiency. It also comes with Beamforming technology to focus transmit power onto wireless devices for better signal strength.
Automatic network optimization to keep you online
A traditional network is unable to reconnect when the signal is lost. That won't be an issue with nova, as it automatically maintains its network status. So, if a nova is disconnected it will reconnect to an available nova to keep you online.
Seamless roaming for lag-free internet experience
With the seamless roaming feature, you can go from room to room without losing connection, creating a lag-free video call/online gaming experience when you are on the move.
Plug and Play, an easy way to whole-home networking
Right from the box, nova units arrive pre-paired to each other. Just plug in the cables and leave everything else to nova.

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