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Thermaltake AH T600, Full Tower case, window, White

Thermaltake AH T600, Full Tower case, window, White

Производитель: THERMALTAKE
ID: CA-1Q4-00M6WN-00
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Динамика цен
Порты и интерфейсы
Вход аудиоДа
Выход аудиоДа
Количество портов USB 2.01
Количество портов USB 3.0 (3.1 Gen 1) Type-A2
Количество портов USB 3.2 Gen 2 (3.1 Gen 2) Type-С1
Вес и размеры
Высота628,3 mm
Ширина337 mm
Глубина763 mm
Носители хранения данных
Поддерживаемые размеры жесткого диска2.5,3.5"
комбинированный корпус для жесткого/твердотельного лискаcheckmark
Максимальное количество вентиляторов (передняя панель)4
Поддерживаемые диаметры вентиляторов (передняя панель)120,140 mm
Поддерживаемые диаметры вентиляторов (боковая панель)120,140 mm
Поддерживаемые диаметры вентиляторов (верхняя панель)120,140 mm
Максимальное количество вентиляторов (боковая панель)3
Максимальное количество вентиляторов (верхняя панель)3
Поддерживаемые размеры вентилятора радиатора (передняя панель)420,480 mm
Поддерживаемые размеры вентилятора радиатора (верхняя панель)280,360 mm
Прочие свойства
Легко настроитьcheckmark
ФорматFull Tower
Светодиодные индикаторыcheckmark
Цвет товараБелый
Усовершенствованное управление кабелямиcheckmark
Кнопка сброса установокcheckmark
Поддерживаемые форм-факторы материнской платыATX, EATX, Микро ATX, Mini-ITX
Количество 3.5"отсеков2
Цвет освещенияМульти
Подходит дляИгровой
Боквое окноcheckmark
Максимальная высота кулера процессора19,5 см
Максимальная длина графического адаптера44 cm
Количество расширительных разъемов8
Максимальная длина блока питания20 cm
Расположение подсветкиКорпусные вентиляторы
Количество 2.5"слотов3
Блок питания
Блок питания в комплектеcross
Поддерживаемые форм-факторы блока питанияPS2
Source: Icecat.biz

The Thermaltake AH T600 Snow is a helicopter styled open frame full tower case which comes with two 5mm tempered glass panels on left and right sides and can support motherboards up to E-ATX (up to 10.5'' wide).

Thermaltake AH T600 Snow Full Tower Chassis
The AH T600 Snow full-tower chassis from the AH Series is forged with a sturdy, air-force styled architecture with two large 5mm tempered glass panels on the left and right sides, and three 3mm tempered glass windows on the front. I/O ports are located at the top-front panel with a futuristically designed power button. It is a newly designed open frame case, compared to Thermaltake Core P Series, which not only ensures outstanding ventilation but also enables users to demonstrate their DIY handwork and showcase their internal components. The AH T600 Snow supports high-end expansion that can hold up to four 120mm fans at the front and can fit our Pacific DP 100-D5 Plus RGB liquid cooling distribution plate. The AH T600 Snow Full Tower Chassis is one-of-a-kind that all users will notice, love, and desire.

TT Premium
To continue achieving the corporate mission of delivering the perfect user experience, Thermaltake developed “TT Premium” with the essence of combining supreme quality products with a new logo design. TT Premium is far more than just a guarantee of quality. Behind the name, it represents the passion in DIY, Modding and Thermaltake’s desire to be the most innovative brand in the PC hardware market. To satisfy the demand of the high-end PC users, TT Premium follows its core values of Excellent Quality, Unique Design, Diverse Combinations and Boundless Creativity to provide a high performance PC product for every enthusiast.

Tt LCS Certified
Tt LCS Certified is a Thermaltake exclusive certification applied to only products that pass the design and hardcore enthusiasts standards that a true LCS chassis should be held to. The Tt LCS certification was created so that we at Thermaltake can designate to all power users which chassis have been tested to be best compatible with extreme liquid cooling configurations to ensure you get the best performance from the best features and fitment.

Helicopter Inspired Design
The AH T600 is a helicopter inspired full tower case constructed with solid steel all around and side vents on each end. Two beautifully designed 5mm tempered glass panels on each side and three 3mm small tempered glass windows at the front not only helps you showcase interior components but also highlights the helicopter design concept.

Tempered Glass Window
The chassis comes with two 5mm tempered glass panels, thicker and more scratch resistant when compared to standard acrylic. Swing doors on the left and right sides allow users to easily access the internal components as well as the ability to remove the doors entirely for complete access to the internals. On top of this, the enlarged window design enables you to display and admire all your components in their full RGB glory

Sophisticated Space Design
Sophisticated and special interior space design of the AH T600 provides ample capacity for PC componets placement and cable management

Vertical GPU Mount and Patented Rotational PCI-E 8 Slot
Specially designed with dual GPU placement options, the AH T600 has support for both vertical and horizontal graphics card layouts. With dual PCI-E slot designs (and an optional PCI-e riser cable), the included riser GPU support bracket will not only prevent the graphics card from sagging, but also help reduce the overall weight on the motherboard.

Thermaltake TT Premium PCI-E 3.0 Extender (Optional) – Supports a wide range of GPU solutions. This is an extreme high-speed cable with highly-routable design, EMI shielding with conducting polymer are crafted for meeting the most demanding system. Available in 300mm, 600mm and 1000mm in length.

Outstanding Airflow
Thanks to the dedicated open frame design of the AH T600, the airflow within the case moves smoothly, ensuring the interior temperature stays low at all times.

Opportunities For High-End Expansion
The AH T600 has excellent expandability. It can support a CPU cooler with a maximum height of 195mm, two-way VGA placement of up to 440mm in length (without water pump), a power supply with a length of up to 200mm. The AH T600 is optimized for advanced AIO/DIY liquid cooling components and supports all kinds of AIO liquid cooling solutions. It is able to hold up to 480mm custom liquid cooling radiators and up to 360mm AIO liquid coolers. Moreover, the AH T600 Full Tower Chassis can also house up to four 120mm fans at the front, three 120mm fans on the top and at the bottom.

Handy I/O Ports
Two 3.0 USB, one 2.0 USB, and one Type-C port placed at the panel to grant direct access when needed.

DMD: Dismantlable Modular Design
Strip your case down to the bones and install elements when and as you need them with our modular design. The AH T600 features modular panels, racks, brackets, and pre-design mounting arrays. No more unreachable screw corners or gaps, installation can be a breeze with our Dismantlable Modular Design.

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