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SwitchEasy Capsule Thins UltraBlack - iPod Nano 5G

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СовместимостьiPod nano 5G
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At 1.2 mm, Capsule Thins are the thinnest ultra protection cases you can ever get. As a SwitchEasy tradition, we use the best materials on earth to create our cases. Capsule Thins are made of worlds strongest plastics, GE Lexan® polycarbonates. They are flexible and strong on impact. We're sure it'll protect your nano for time to come.

Ultrasonic Beauty
Just like our award winning CapsuleThins for iPod nano 4G, CapsuleThins are the first products to offer you Dual all-in-one ultrasonic welded window for your Nano 5G. Our unique manufacturing process offers your nano a brand new bling bling look with all the goodness of the finest plastics in the world. In addition, the all-in-one design means that your installation of the case is as easy as it can get.

School of Hard Knox
With its ultra-tough slide-in lock design, CapsuleThins™ can withstand upwards of 3 gravity force of drop.

Pinhole Precision, Total Protection
At SwitchEasy™, protection is our business. Every product we manufacture are designed to offer complete protection for your iPod. Our CapsuleThins™ for iPod Nano 5G is another exemplary example of our strive for perfection. While most cases on the market has a big gaping hole in the back for the camera and microphone, our CapsuleThins™ for iPod Nano 5G is the only case in the market that precisely covers right to the edge of your camera and microphone for full protection.

Dock the right dock
You asked and we listened. As an industry's first, we have included a set of color matching universal dock adapters (Pearl White and Piano Black) for your docking pleasure. Now you can dock with the right dock adapter to your favorite speaker system.

Everything but the kitchen sink
Following our SwitchEasy™ tradition, we've thrown in just about everything you need for your iPod Nano in this little tiny package. Aside from our protective case, each SwitchEasy™ CapsuleThins™ package contains two universal dock adapters (Pearl White and Piano Black) , Two sets of static screen guards and touch wheel guards, Two connector protectors, a 3.5mm headphone jack adapter, one video stand and a microfiber cloth to clean your brand new iPod Nano G5.

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