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Jabra BIZ 2400 II QD Mono NC 3 in1 - Kuuloke + mikrofoni - korvien päällä - muunneltava

Jabra BIZ 2400 II QD Mono NC 3 in1 - Kuuloke + mikrofoni - korvien päällä - muunneltava

Производитель: JABRA
ID: 2406-820-204
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Онлайн: 10 шт Время доставки: 04.08 - 06.08
Наличие в магазинах
Динамика цен
Порты и интерфейсы
Технология подключенияПроводная
Данные об упаковке
Масса брутто250 g
Глубина упаковки68 mm
Высота упаковки140 mm
Ширина упаковки184 mm
Эффект устранения шумаcheckmark
Тип микрофонаМикрофон на штанге
Тип наушниковПолноразмерные
Содержимое упаковки
Прочие свойства
Разъем QDcheckmark
Цвет товараЧерный, Серебристый
Страна производстваКитай
Тип гарнитурыМонофонический
Стиль ношенияОголовье
Рекомендованное применениеОфис/колл-центр
Тип продуктаГарнитура
Логистические данные
Высота коробки60 cm
Ширина коробки39,3 cm
Длина мастер-картона31,6 cm
Количество в мастер-картоне44 шт
Вес брутто картонного короба12 kg
Гарантия2 лет
Source: Icecat.biz

Jabra Biz 2400 II Mono
The Jabra Biz 2400 II is an ultra-lightweight corded professional headset for those who want outstanding sound and comfort in an extra-durable design.

Better conversation
The most important function of a contact centre headset is eliminating background noise from the busy environment and letting the customer hear your voice clearly.

The Biz 2400 II has a superior noise-cancelling microphone that helps eliminate background noise to give a better customer experience.

Better sound
If you’re in a busy environment, you need great sound to hear the voice of your customer. Additionally, when you’re concentrating on work, you want that hi-fi sound for music. The Jabra Biz 2400 II is great at both.
- HD Voice technology makes sure you clearly understand the other party
- The speakers reduce ambient noise, so you can focus on the call
- A specially designed “air shock” noise-cancelling mic filters out sharp breathing sounds and popping noises often heard in conversations.

Better design
The Jabra Biz 2400 II is built to last in a high-performing contact centre, meaning fewer headset replacements and less downtime for you and your team and lower total cost of ownership.

- Reinforced cord is built to withstand the contact centre environment and is protected against office chair wheels, sharp objects and daily use
- The boom-arm can be rotated 360 degrees with zero risk of breaking. We call this FreeSpin™.

Better comfort
The Jabra Biz 2400 II has an extremely lightweight and unobtrusive design. This means less agent fatigue and more productive calls.

- 40% lighter than competing high-end headsets
- The adjustable headband and microphone boom arm let you find the perfect fit
- The control unit lets you change volume, mute your calls and more
- PeakStop™ technology removes sudden loud sounds or tones before they reach your ears: Any sound above 118 dB is filtered out.
- Super-soft leatherette head and ear cushioning

Works with your phone or platform.
Our headsets and speakerphones work out of the box with over 10,000 traditional deskphones. They are future-proof and compatible with all softphone web-clients and contact centre platforms; from Cisco to Avaya to Genesys Cloud.

Providing excellent customer service starts with reliability. Jabra call centre headsets are simple to use today and will be simple to use tomorrow – no matter how you’ve set up your office.

Your customers will be happy and so too will your workforce.

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