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Ultra Gloss Ph.Paper 10x15(50)

19,90 €
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1-4 дней
Прочие свойства
Размеры (ШхГхВ)106 x 156 x 21 мм
Вес200 г
Размеры бумаги100 x 150
Высота150 мм
Ширина100 мм
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Тип поверхностиГлянцевый
Плотность бумаги300 г/м²
Листов вупаковке50 листов
Гарантия30 года
Source: Icecat.biz

Ultra Glossy Photo Paper, 100 x 150 mm, 300g/m2, 50 sheets Ultra Glossy Photo Paper is Epson's glossiest photo printing paper. With increased whiteness, opacity and rigidity, Epson's flagship photographic paper is 30 per cent glossier than the ever popular Premium Glossy Photo Paper. This is in part due to the additional microfine layer of gloss added to the surface of the paper, giving it a gloss level equal to that achieved on silver halide prints. Ultra Glossy Photo Paper is ideal for photo enthusiasts looking to create their next master piece, amateur photographers who have captured that once in a lifetime photo that's perfect for framing, or anyone who demands the absolute best quality photographic output from their Epson printer.

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