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BRAUN PARRANAJOKONE CoolTec CT2s ProSkin Wet&Dry, °CoolTec - maailman ensimmäinen parranajokone aktiivisella viilennysteknologialla, joka pistää ihoärsytyksen j

BRAUN PARRANAJOKONE CoolTec CT2s ProSkin Wet&Dry, °CoolTec - maailman ensimmäinen parranajokone aktiivisella viilennysteknologialla, joka pistää ihoärsytyksen j

Производитель: BRAUN
ID: 4210201071464
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Наличие в магазинах
Динамика цен
Технология батареиЛитий-ионная (Li-Ion)
Источник питанияАккумулятор
Быстрая зарядкаcheckmark
Время зарядки1 h
Данные об упаковке
Глубина упаковки155 mm
Высота упаковки222 mm
Ширина упаковки67 mm
Тип упаковкиКоробочная версия
Прочие свойства
Индикатор емкости батареиcheckmark
Время работы45 min
Дорожный футлярcheckmark
Индикатор состояния батареиcheckmark
Светодиодные индикаторыcheckmark
Цвет товараЧерный, Синий, Серый
Блокировка колесcheckmark
Переключатель включения / выключенияcheckmark
Моющийся (-аяся)checkmark
Бреющая системаСеточная бритва
Прецизионный триммерcheckmark
Влажное и сухоеcheckmark
Следующий контуруcheckmark
Количество бреющих головок/лезвий3
Логистические данные
Высота коробки16,6 cm
Ширина коробки21,4 cm
Длина мастер-картона24,1 cm
Гарантия2 лет
Source: Icecat.biz

Braun °CoolTec shavers - Puts skin irritation on ice
World’s 1st shaver with active cooling technology.

Braun’s °CoolTec is a revolutionary new dry shaver that has the power to take the heat out of shaving and put shaving irritation on ice. This power, on top of the stylish design and thoughtful engineering you’d expect from Braun, makes °CoolTec quite possibly the most technologically advanced dry shaver in the world, delivering a simply outstanding shaving performance for men with sensitive skin.

The secret element in the °CoolTec is Braun’s innovative Thermo-Electric-Cooling technology.

Whilst most shavers allow warmth to build up in the head of the shaver, °CoolTec has an innovative aluminium cooling bar integrated into its head that actively cools down the skin during shaving, minimizing redness, burning and itching sensations, leaving behind a cool and refreshed trace.

Active cooling technology
An integrated electro ceramic cooling element automatically cools the skin while you shave, to minimize shaving irritation. Works without any gels or lotions.

Adaptable 3-stage cutting system
Two independently moving cutting elements adapt to every facial contour – for an efficient close shave.

Specially designed shaving blades target and capture hairs growing in different directions – for an ultimate smooth shave.

World's only 3-action alcohol-based Clean&Charge Station:

Charges, hygienically cleans and lubricates at the touch of a button.

1. Lubricates with each cleaning for longer lasting cutting efficiency.

2. Cleans significantly more hygienically than tap water. Noticeably more comfortable on skin.

3. Charges for maximum battery power at all times.

Braun invented the shaver cleaning center over 10 years ago and is the only brand using an alcohol-based cleaning fluid which eliminates 99.999% of all germs and bacteria in every cleaning process. Tests have shown that using the Clean&Charge Station is 10 times more hygienic than simply rinsing the shaver under tap water. Consumer testing with more than 150 consumers confirmed a noticeably closer shave and more than 110 consumers noted a better skin comfort after regular usage of the Clean&Charge Station*. And because regular cleaning provides optimal hygiene you can experience a fresh shave every day. If you run the cleaning procedure twice a week, you will only need to replace the refill cartridge every 2 to 3 months to experience a shaver like new, every day.

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