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Производитель: CASIO
ID: FX-CP400
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Динамика цен
Технические характеристики
Цифровая клавиатураcheckmark
Разрешение экрана320 x 528 пикселей
Дисплей с задней подсветкойcheckmark
Второй ЖК-дисплейcross
Наклон дисплеяcross
Тип дисплеяЖК
Вес и размеры
Вес315 g
Высота206 mm
Ширина89 mm
Глубина21,1 mm
Технология батареиЩелочной
Потребляемая мощность (в обычном режиме)1 W
Тип батареекAAA
Число поддерживаемых батарей4
Источник питанияАккумулятор
Время работы батареи (макс)8760 h
Цвет товараЧерный
Тип управленияКнопки, Сенсор
Розрахунок прибуткуcheckmark
Гарантия1 год
Source: Icecat.biz

Equipped with a high resolution 4.8 inch large touch-panel LCD, the fx-CP400 provides clearer images of mathematical data for students, as well as a better way to comprehend the relationships between their equations and graphs since the calculator can display both at the same time. Also, with the touch of a button, the fx-CP400 can switch from a vertical view to a horizontal view, which is convenient for displaying long mathematical formulas on a single line. Both of these capabilities make it easier for students to grasp difficult mathematical concepts.

- High-Resolution Color LCD
- Powerful Graphing Functions
- Large Touch Panel

Beautiful 4.8-inch display
For richer mathematical expression
The new fx-CP400 is the first in the ClassPad series to be equipped with a color display. It also boasts resolution 4.4 times higher than the previous ClassPad. The large color LCD makes it easy to observe mathematical formulas, graphs, and images, realizing more comfortable operation.

Real-time color link

When you change the color of character data in the spreadsheet, the color of the same data will automatically be changed in the chart window, and vice versa.

Upright? Horizontal? Both!
One-touch switching between upright and horizontal view
Switching the display between upright and horizontal view is simplicity itself - just tap the icon on the control panel! The horizontal view is particularly convenient for displaying a long formula on a single line.

View Graphs Horizontally
The rotation function now also works with the graph application
Use of horizontal display, coupled with the ClassPad’s large screen, allows a graph 1.7 times larger than previous versions to be displayed.

Horizontal Display of Graph and Formula Together!
Dual-Window Display now also supports Horizontal View
Dual-Window Display, which splits the screen into top and bottom sections, now also supports Horizontal View. The ability to check a graph and formula together even during Horizontal Display will surely deepen understanding of the relationship between the two elements.

Touch panel
Large, color LCD touch panel makes viewing and operation super smooth
The fx-CP400 offers intuitive operation through use of the stylus on the touch panel. Mathematical formulas can be graphically displayed without any complicated key operations - simply drag and drop the formula into the graph area!

Brand-new software keyboard
Offers three levels of proficiency
Offers the full range, from the basic functions that everyone uses, such as fractions, square roots, and trigonometric functions, through to advanced functions such as differential calculus, complex compound numbers, and sigma calculations, and then on into even more advanced calculations including piecewise and user-defined formulas.

New mathematical features
For a deeper understanding of mathematics

New stylus storage
Push-latch mechanism

Stylus is kept in place by a push-latch mechanism.

New hard keys
Incredibly easy to operate

The fx-CP400 is fitted with keys that are slanted vertically, helping to prevent input errors when pressing vertically arranged keys.

100-hour battery life
From a readily available dry-cell battery

Spare batteries can easily be obtained and carried with you. Further, rechargeable dry-cell batteries are available.

USB mass-storage
No special software required for data transfer

A USB mass storage function allows for quick and easy transfer for data. USB cable supplied.

Direct projector connection
All you need are the ClassPad II(fx-CP400) and a data projector

Compatibility with Casio data projectors enables the ClassPad's display to be easily projected up onto a screen.

Practical and stylish design
Solid body with appealing, slightly ovular shape

Fits comfortably in the hand, and finished in several shades of blue to evoke an intellectual look.

Data logger connection
A variety of experimental data valuable in classes can be extracted through the connected sensor.
Extracted data can be analyzed by transferring it to the graph function calculator.

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