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Braun KF560.1 CaféHouse Pure Aroma Plus kahvinkeitin, Auto Off

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Webblager: 20 st tillgängligt Uppskattad leveranstid: 1-4 dagar
Tillgänglig / Leverans
Automatisk avstängningcheckmark
Effekt1100 W
Automatisk avstägning efter (max)40 min
Produktens färgSvart
Vattennivå indikatorcheckmark
Flyttbar vattentankcheckmark
Löstagbar filterhållarecheckmark
Inbyggd displaycross
Övriga egenskaper
Tål diskmaskincheckmark
Kopp kapacitet10 koppar
Anti-dropp funktioncheckmark
Inbyggd kvarncross
Kaffe ingångstypMalat kaffe
Kaffebryggare typHelautomatisk
ProdukttypDroppande kaffebryggare
Behållare för bryggt kaffeKanna
Tillagningsfunktioner och program
Kaffe tillagningcheckmark
Source: Icecat.biz

CaféHouse coffeemakers all come with the unique OptiBrewSystem featuring an optimal relationship of temperature, brewing time and extraction – for perfect coffee taste.

Superior coffee taste
Coffee aroma depends to a considerable extent on the quality of the water with which coffee is brewed. Therefore all CaféHouse coffeemakers include the Brita® water filtration system which lets coffee unfold its full, seductive aroma by preventing calcification of the brewing unit and minimising aroma-impairing substances like chlorine.

Exclusive filter release button
By pressing the button, the filter basket releases itself for easy insertion of the coffee filter and filling of ground coffee. Also, the filter basket can be simply removed from its hinge and placed on the counter-top, making the ground coffee filling process easier.

Easy serving
The pour & lock system allows to keep coffee flavors inside the carafe while allowing easy pouring. Thanks to the drip-stop feature you can pour a cup of coffee anytime during the brewing cycle interrupting the flow into the carafe.

Unique open, non-slip handle
The unique, open carafe handle is designed to make pouring more easy and convenient. Its ergonomic shape and soft-touch material provide all the handling and safety comfort required for pouring freshly brewed and aromatic coffee.

Auto shut-off
For your safety and convenience, the Braun CaféHouse coffeemaker features an auto-off function. It automatically switches your coffeemaker off as soon as your coffee is brewed. So you don't need worry about switching it off and can devote yourself to other things.

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