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Cryorig QF120 Balance - PWM Case 120mm Fan

Cryorig QF120 Balance - PWM Case 120mm Fan

Tillverkare: CRYORIG
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Vikt & dimension
Vikt134 g
Höjd120 mm
Bredd120 mm
Djup25,4 mm
Produktens färgSvart, Vit
Fläktdiameter12 cm
Maximalt luftflöde49 cfm
Maximalt lufttryck1,65 mmH2O
Ljudnivå (låg hastighet)10 dB
Ljudnivå (hög hastighet)25 dB
Rotationshastighet (max)1600 RPM
Rotationshastighet (min)330 RPM
Source: Icecat.biz

CRYORIG’s proprietary Quad Air Inlet system features four strategically placed aerodynamic air inlet that allows for extra air intake. The additional air intake allows the QF Series fan to have a higher air output volume for its fan diameter, which equals better temperatures for your CPU heatsink and more air exchanged for your system case.

Pleasing Your Ears With Acoustic Engineering
QF Series PWM fans feature CRYORIG’s HPLN (High Precision Low Noise) bearing system, offering stable and precision rotation eliminating excess vibration and noise.

Ultra Wide RPM Range Fine Tune Your Fan Profile
Featuring four pin Pulse Width Modification (PWM) RPM spin speed control, QF Series fans offer a ultra wide range of RPM settings. This wide RPM range allows users to fine tune their fan speed directly through mainboard bios settings. Roughly 33% more selection range than the system fans from competitors. some RPM speeds are only available through PWM control.

Vibration Absorbers Included Soaking Up Every Last Bit of Noise
Frame vibration causes unwanted noise. This is why all QF Series fan come with rubberized Vibration Absorbers to nullify fan vibration. Vibration Absorbers are already built directly into the fan frame, no extra work necessary.

A moderate 330~1600 RPM provides a good balance between performance, RPM and noise. This is the best RPM range for everyday PC use, either as a CPU fan or a system fan. Low enough speeds to be nearly unnoticeable, but also fast enough to provide essential cooling when it’s needed.

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