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Tillverkare: APC
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Tekniska data
HållbarhetscertifieringGreen Premium, RoHS
Seriellt gränssnittcheckmark
UttagC20 coupler
AC försäljningsställenC13 coupler, C19 coupler
Vikt & dimension
Vikt31,3 kg
Vikt inkl. förpackning39,3 kg
Höjd246 mm
Bredd432 mm
Djup635 mm
Låddjup871 mm
Förpackningens bredd599 mm
Altitud vid drift0 - 3000 m
Intervall för relativ operativ luftfuktighet0 - 95%
Temperaturintervall (förvaring)-15 - 45 ° C
Temperatur vid drift0 - 40 ° C
Fuktighet (förvaring)0 - 95%
Höjd över havet i avstängt läge0 - 15000 m
BatteriteknikSlutna blybatterier (VRLA)
Laddningstid3 h
Normal drifttid vid halv belastning11,8 min
Normal drifttid vid full belastning4 min
Hot-swap battericheckmark
Automatiskt batteritestcheckmark
Batterikapacitet505 VAh
Batteriets livslängd (max)5 År
Övriga egenskaper
Utgångsspänning230 V
CertifieringCE, VDE, RCM, EAC, IEC/EN 62040-1, IEC/EN 62040-2, UL-1778, FCC 15 A, CSA
Kabellängd2,44 m
Produktens färgSvart
Internationellt skydd (IP) kodIP20
Hörbart larmcheckmark
Nödstopp (EPO)checkmark
Uteffekt kapacitet (VA)3 kVA
Energivärdering340 J
Ljudnivå Lc IEC55 dB
Ingångsfrekvens40 - 70 hz
Uteffekt2700 W
Effekt skyddsfunktionerÖverbelastning
Utspänning THD2%
Inmatning spänning (max)275 V
Inmatning spänning (min)100 V
Utgång, driftspänning (min)220 V
Utgång, driftspänning (max)240 V
Utfrekvens50/60 hz
Automatisk spänningsreglering (AVR)checkmark
Automatisk omstartcheckmark
UPS-topologiDubbelkonvertering (Online)
Hörbara alarmlägenBatteribyte
Produkter per lastpall6 styck
Harmonized System (HS)-kod85078000
Garanti1 år
Source: Icecat.biz

Always stay online and prevent data loss
An APC Smart-UPS On-Line always supplies perfectly clean power to all connected equipment thanks to its double conversion technology. Even power outages have no influence on this. The APC Smart-UPS On-Line then automatically supplies emergency power without having to switch. This way you prevent unwanted failure of, for example, a PC, server, storage or switch. With the free APC PowerChute software you can even have critical IT hardware shut down automatically and in a controlled manner when the battery of the UPS is almost empty. This way you prevent data loss, downtime and physical damage to hardware.

Extend the runtime
You can easily increase the number of minutes that the APC SRT3000RMXLI can independently supply emergency power by connecting external battery packs (SRT96RMBP). A runtime of several hours is even possible.

The Smart-UPS On-Line has an internal bypass and uses double conversion, maximizing the availability and lifespan of connected hardware. It also makes the UPS compatible with an emergency power generator. The Un-
Line double conversion technology ensures clean, uninterrupted power to protected equipment even when generator power is used.

In addition, a Smart-UPS On-Line protects connected devices against peak voltage caused by lightning, among other things. This APC emergency power supply is ideally suited for business use.

Ease of use
The APC Smart-UPS SRT is easy to operate thanks to a tilting graphic LCD screen and physical buttons. This makes it possible to set and read the basic functionalities. Because the background color of the screen changes depending on the type of warning, the severity of the situation can be quickly visually assessed. Thanks to the included 4-post rail kit, you can easily mount the UPS in a rack.

Network Management Card
If you connect the UPS directly to your network via the optional APC Network Management Card (AP9640/AP9641), it can easily be managed remotely via SNMP or our remote management software Ecostruxure IT Expert (SFTWES1-DIGI). You can also automatically send a shutdown signal via the network to multiple physical and/or virtual servers. By means of the APC PowerChute Network Shutdown Software associated with the network card can even be differentiated in the shutdown moment and the order in which this happens.

Extend the lifespan
The internal battery cartridge (APCRBC152) can be replaced easily, safely and independently by the user. This without having to switch off the APC SRT3000RMXLI or connected equipment. This way you can easily and cheaply extend the lifespan of the APC Smart-UPS and your equipment always remains online.

Warranty extension
The manufacturer's warranty of the SRT3000RMXLI is 3 years, with the exception of the battery cartridge, which has a 2-year manufacturer's warranty. Both are extended by 3 years to 6 and 5 years respectively with the APC service pack (WBEXTWAR3YR-SP-04).

Switched Outlet Groups: Remote reboot and phased start-up
Thanks to the Switched Outlet Groups, it is possible to configure a phased/delayed power-on per UPS outlet group. This reduces the peak load on the UPS and brings it closer to the constant load, which limits oversizing of the UPS.

It is also possible to reset a group of multiple UPS outputs and the equipment connected to them. If a network card (ap9640) is used in combination with Ecostruxure IT Expert (SFTWES1-DIGI), this can even be done remotely.

You also cannot eliminate critical loads; This way you extend the runtime for critical equipment.

Green Premium
This label represents Schneider Electric's commitment to delivering products with best-in-class environmental performance. Green Premium promises to comply with the latest regulations, transparency on environmental effects and circular and low CO2 emission products.

Green Premium:
- Stands for an energy-efficient product that helps our customers achieve their CO2 reduction goals and save energy costs at the same time. The energy efficiency of this product is at least 10% higher than the market average.

- Provides insight into the environmental effects of the product, this data is available 24/7 via the digital product environmental profile, see https://checkaproduct.se.com/

- Commits to minimal use of hazardous substances within and beyond regulatory compliance (RoHS/REACh)

Included in the box
1x USB cable
1x C13 to C14 power cord 1.2M
1x Software CD with Powershute Business Edition
1x Documentation CD
1x Schuko to C19 input power cord 2M
1x British BS1363A to C19 input power cord
1x C19 to C20 input power cord 2.5M
2x Rack mounting brackets

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