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Antal licenser100-199
Programvara - typFörnyande
Licenstiden1 månad (er)
Minimum hårddisk utrymme300 MB
Minimikrav, RAM1024 MB
Kompatibla operativsystemWindows 7 (32/64-bit)
Windows Vista SP1+ (32/64-bit)
Windows XP SP3+ (32-bit)
Stödda protokollRSA (PKCS 1), PKCS 5, PKSC 7, PKCS 12, PKCS 11, PKCS 15, LDAP, CSP, SOAP, XML, SSL, TCG, CCID, X.509, SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512, AES 128-bit, AES 256-bit
64-bitars bearbetning
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SafeGuard Enterprise
Central data encryption and protection.
- Makes regulatory compliance easier with policy enforcement and reporting;
- Delivers better data security through proven encryption algorithms and performance;
- Logging in is more convenient and secure with single sign-on (SSO), with only one password for users to remember;
- Provides key management that lets authorized users share data securely and easily;
- Saves time because you set up and manage all your data protection policies using our central console;
- Manages computers running Opal self-encrypting drives or BitLocker;
- Uses the latest processor technology to make sure that encrypted machines are faster than ever.

With Sophos SafeGuard Enterprise, you’ll protect the data on your desktops, laptops, removable media, file shares and to the cloud, as well as preventing data loss. Stopping data breaches and making compliance simpler without getting in the way. And you save time, because your data protection is easy to manage from one central console.

Protect your information and manage compliance
We make it simple for you to manage your security policies and data protection effectively across your organization. You’ll be ready to comply with data privacy laws and keep the wrong people from seeing your organization’s confidential information.
- Protect your information and manage complianceWe make it simple for you to manage your security policies and data protection effectively across your organization.
- You’ll be ready to comply with data privacy laws and keep the wrong people from seeing your organization’s confidential information.

Award-winning encryption
Benefit from our award-winning encryption that’s already protecting millions.
- Uses internationally recognized encryption standards for full hard-disk encryption;
- Allows multiple users to share encrypted computers without sharing their passwords;
- Encrypts data in the background so that protection doesn’t interrupt your users' work;
- Offers a fast initial encryption option that encrypts only the parts of your hard drives with data, saving you significant time when encrypting large disks
- Prevents unauthorized users from reading lost or stolen media;
- Ensures fast and secure authentication, using biometric fingerprint and cryptographic token supportUses the latest processor technology from Intel, which means that i5 and i7 computers running our software are quicker than ever.

Let users collaborate securely with key management
Our key management works behind the scenes. That means it’s easy for your authorized users to securely share data across PCs and removable media, while you maintain the control you need.
- Manages storing, sharing, exchanging and retiring of keys from our central console;
- Enables easy data access and recovery during an emergency—for example, if a user's PC crashes;
- Allows secure and quick access to encrypted disks or files on other systems via automated key reassignments in our console.

Stay productive with fast data recovery
Get back the time you’re spending on data recovery, even when your users forget passwords, lose their authorization or leave your organization.
- Lets users recover passwords quickly using challenge/response questions over the phone or via a web portal;
- Allows users to recover forgotten passwords with local self-help, so they don’t lose time waiting for an admin to reset their passwords;
- Recovers broken operating system configurations on encrypted disks when using the external boot option with Windows PE.

Deploy rapidly, from one location
For central, unattended installation, use standard Microsoft Installer Packages to deploy SafeGuard Enterprise to your users’ PCs. And we make your rollout easier because there’s no end-user involvement during installation.

Grow when you’re ready
You can license the SafeGuard Enterprise modules that fit your organization’s needs right now. Add more when you’re ready. We make sure it all works together, and that you can manage everything from the same console.

Device Encryption
Transparently encrypts data on laptops, desktops and external media, protecting your users against unauthorized access, loss or theft of data.

SafeGuard Device Encryption provides transparent full-disk encryption for laptops, desktop PCs and virtual desktops. It also lets you run and manage Opal, BitLocker, Windows 7, Vista, XP and virtual desktops from one central management console.
- Single sign-on (SSO) for encryption and your operating system;
- Enables pre-boot user authentication using a password, token, smartcard, biometrics or key ring;
- New algorithm for faster initial encryption;
- Recovery options for keys, data and forgotten passwords, even without the help desk.

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