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LicenstypOpen Value Subscription (OVS)
Licenstiden3 År
Windows-operativsystem som stöds
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Protect your email and communication

Email-related problems are getting worse in nature – instead of just spam, email today spreads all kinds of malware and is also used for targeted attacks. And that is why you need efficient protection for your email and communication.

F-Secure Email and Server Security offers protection and spam control for Microsoft Windows servers, Microsoft Exchange, and Microsoft SharePoint, as well as Terminal, Citrix, and Linux servers and EMC CAVA servers.

- Acts as the first line of defense against zero-day threats and known vulnerabilities
- Proactive security, such as behavior analysis and cloud-based whitelists and blacklists with DeepGuard
- Browsing Protection guards against harmful websites and browser-based attacks
- The integrated Software Updater offers an additional layer of protection against known vulnerabilities
- Low impact on virtual and physical environments, minimizes the impact on virtualized environments by offloading scanning resources to a dedicated server
- Contains all the features in Server Security plus support for email and communications platforms
- Part of Business Suite and can be managed with the same management tool, Policy Manager, as other Business Suite products

F-Secure Email and Server Security is an easy-to-use server and email security software solution that provides protection for file servers and email servers against malware and software exploits, thus keeping your business assets safe.

F-Secure Email and Server Security is a robust, full-service solution designed to protect your company's email and collaboration servers and to shield the company network from any malicious code that exploits HTTP or SMTP traffic. The solution offers a powerful spam scanner for email traffic combined with quarantine management.

- Trouble-free security for companies of all sizes
- Best protection for sharing and collaboration systems
- Protection against all types of malware for your networks and confidential data
- Easy-to-use and manage, saving you time in both implementation and usage
- Clear and transparent licensing model without hidden costs


Anti-malware for Microsoft Exchange
Protect your email server against malware

Anti-malware for Microsoft SharePoint
Microsoft SharePoint security with real-time protection for all content on SharePoint servers

Spam control
Detect and filter spam messages from email traffic, real-time protection against all types of spam

Terminal Server, Citrix and EMC CAVA
Malware scanning support for Terminal Server, Citrix and EMC CAVA

Microsoft file server protection
Secure servers with unmatched protection against viruses, Trojans, rootkits, and other malware

Proactive on-host protection

Web traffic scanning
Detects and blocks malicious content in web traffic (HTTP protocol)

Browsing Protection
Protection for your terminal users against web browser exploits and rogue web sites

Offload scanning agent
Offload malware scanning to F-Secure Scanning and Reputation Server in virtual environments

Software Updater
Keeps your system and applications up to date by installing patches as they are released by vendors

Botnet Blocker
Disable botnet activities effectively

Advanced Protection
Filter file types based on content type

Email quarantine management
Easy-to-use tool for email quarantine management

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