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XTORM Evoke solar charger

XTORM Evoke solar charger

Tillverkare: XTORM
ID: AM121
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Micro USB-kontaktcheckmark
USB A-utgångar2
Antal Micro USB-kontakter1
Vikt & dimension
Vikt366 g
Höjd165 mm
Bredd100 mm
Djup21 mm
BatteriteknikLitium Polymer (LiPo)
Batterikapacitet10000 mAh
Utgångsspänning5 V
Uteffekt2,1 A
LaddningskällaSolar, USB
Antal laddningscykler4
Solpanelens effekt4,5 W
På / av-knappcheckmark
Inbyggd displaycross
Förpackningens innehåll
Kabel inkluderadMicro-USB
Produktens färgSvart, Orange
Laddare kompatibilitetMobiltelefon / smartphone, Surfplatta, MP3/MP4, GPS, E-bokläsare
Antal samtidigt anslutna enheter (max)2
Samtidig laddning av Powerbank-laddare och extern enhetcheckmark
Inbyggd ficklampacross
Garanti2 år

This outdoor Charger is recharged on solar power in a short time thanks to the high efficiency solar panels. The exterior of this robust Charger is made of rubber.

The Evoke Solar Charger is equipped with an built-in li-polymer battery that can be charged to 10,000mAh. With this large battery you can charge your smartphone, tablet, GPS and other mobile devices several times before it is necessary to recharge the Evoke Solar Charger again.

This robust Charger can be recharged in two ways; via USB and the built in solar panel. Via the Micro USB port with an 5V-1.5A input the battery is charged in no time. Even lack of electricity will not cause any problems! In the sunlight the high efficiency Sunpower® solar panel fully recharges the battery in the blink of an eye.

The Charger is protected against splashing of water. On top of that it is possible to charge two devices at the same time, because the Evoke Solar Charger has two USB ports.

The Evoke Solar Charger offers the perfect mobile charging solution for holidays and outdoor activities. With the large internal battery and the powerful solar panel you will always have some extra energy at hand, wherever and whenever needed!

About this Xtorm Solar Charger
Xtorm solar chargers are the best solar chargers on the consumer market. With short charging and discharging times and high-quality materials. The best solar chargers on the market!

Lightweight and robust design!
The Xtorm solar charger is extremely robust, yet lightweight. The mobile charger is easy to attach to a backpack, bicycle or tent, for example by attaching a rope to the corner of the charger.

Generate your own power!
With this Xtorm solar charger, you can easily generate your own power. The stored power can be used to charge mobile devices, via USB. This is an extremely useful gadget for bike rides, hiking, adventurous holidays, etc.! Apart from its usefulness, being able to generate your own power gives you an ultimate sense of freedom and independence.

Efficient SunPower® solar power!
All Xtorm solar chargers make use of extremely efficient solar panels. With an efficiency of 22%, these panels can generate a lot of power with a small surface area. These SunPower® panels are the best solar panels available on the consumer market.

From sunshine to USB power!
Like magic. The Xtorm converts solar energy into power, electricity which you can then use to keep all your mobile devices charged!

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