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Seek Thermal Compact Pro värmekamera för Android, dag och natt, svart

670,90 €
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Seek Thermal CompactPRO Thermal Camera for Android, day and night, black

CompactPRO is Seek Thermals most advanced thermal camera designed for your smartphone. Designed for top model Android phones, this is a very portable thermal camera that has a large 320x240 heat sensor with high sensitivity and a wide 32-degree field of view. CompactPRO delivers high resolution images and software unparalleled at this price. Thermal image management allows you to detect elevated temperatures, indicating objects that radiate energy (or heat). This makes it easier to detect and identify targets at night when the illumination from, for example, a flashlight gives unwanted attention.

• Detectable Distance: 15 cm to 550 meters
• Thermal sensor: 320 x 200 Array
• Field of view: 32 °
• High resolution heat sensor, 320 x 240
• For Hunting: Scouting terrain, track wildlife and follow blood traces
• For Boating: Detect and locate harmful objects on the water during the night
• Safety and Security: Scan a dark parking lot or around your home
• Save your pictures directly to your phone
• 15-30 frames / second> 15 Hz
• Temperature range: -40 to 330 Celcius

Dimensions (WxDxH): 44x25x25mm
Weight: 14g

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