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Webblager: Obekräftad Uppskattad leveranstid: Obekräftad
Tillgänglig / Leverans
Tekniska data
Skärm diagonalt71,1 cm (28")
Upplösning1366 x 768 pixlar
Diagonal skärmstorlek70 cm
Grafikbussar resolutioner1360 x 768 (WXGA)
smarta funktionerIdrott
3D kompatibilitetcross
HD typHD
Toppförhållande för ljusstyrka68%
BildbehandlingsteknikSamsung Wide Color Enhancer Plus
Benämning av dynamiskt kontrastförhållandeMega Kontrast
Inbyggd ljud dekoderDTS
Uteffekt (RMS)10 W
Inbyggda högtalarecheckmark
Antal talare2
LjudavkodningsteknikDolby Digital Plus
Antalet USB 2.0 anslutningar1
Antal SCART kontakter1
PC-In (D-Sub)checkmark
PC-ljud incheckmark
Antal RF ingångar1
Antal HDMI portar1
Vanligt gränssnittcheckmark
Common interface Plus (CI+) -kontaktcheckmark
Consumer Electronics Control (CEC)Anynet+
Common Interface Plus (CI+)-version1.3
Vikt & dimension
Vikt3,8 kg
Höjd396,5 mm
Bredd643,4 mm
Djup49,1 mm
Vikt inklusive stativ4,2 kg
Bredd med stativ643,4 mm
Höjd (med stativ)435 mm
Djup (med stativ)163,4 mm
Strömförbrukning (vanlig)25 W
Strömförbrukning i vänteläge0,5 W
Årlig energiförbrukning37 kWh
Växelström Frekvens50/60
AC-inspänning220 - 240
Vikt inkl. förpackning5,4 kg
Låddjup108 mm
Höjd463 mm
Förpackningens bredd815 mm
Typ av tunerAnalog och digital
Automatisk kanalsökningcheckmark
Digital signal format system förATSC,DVB-C,DVB-S2,DVB-T,DVB-T2
Management features
Skärmgränssnitt (OSD)checkmark
Elektronisk programguidecheckmark
På/av timercheckmark
Automatisk avstängningcheckmark
Antal OSD språk27
Förpackningens innehåll
Handhållen fjärrkontrollcheckmark
Kabel inkluderadAC
Typ av fjärrkontrollTM1240A
Strömkabel ingårcheckmark
Batterier medföljercheckmark
Produktens färgSvart
Fri från tungmetallerHg (kvicksilver)
På / av-knappcheckmark
Plug & Play-kompatibelcheckmark
Typ av tunerAnalog och digital
Skärmgränssnitt (OSD)checkmark
Automatisk kanalsökningcheckmark
Text-TV funktionercheckmark
Elektronisk programguidecheckmark
Automatisk avstängningcheckmark
textning fungerarcheckmark
Digital signal format system förATSC,DVB-C,DVB-S2,DVB-T,DVB-T2
ConnectShare (USB)checkmark
BildbehandlingsteknikSamsung Wide Color Enhancer Plus
smarta funktionerIdrott
textning fungerarcheckmark
LYNK REACH-version4.0
Lösning för innehållshanteringSamsung LYNK REACH
Automatiskt läge för källacheckmark
Kompatibilitet med extern klockacheckmark
Startmeny för Hospitalitycheckmark
Hospitality Plug and Playcheckmark
Min kanal-funktioncheckmark
Reservspänning till klockacheckmark
Dimningsstyrning av extern klockacheckmark
Fjärrkontroll med multikodercheckmark
Bakgrundsbelysning i musikläge av/påcheckmark
Fastskruvat batterilockcheckmark
Garanti1 år
Source: Icecat.biz

Enhance guest room ambience to align user experiences with what they’d expect at home

To better serve the hospitality industry, Samsung’s slim-designed HE470 Series displays can foster a differentiated and memorable in-room experience. This display functions as an all-in-one content center where managers can access a user interface template library to deploy customized content to end users. Hotel managers can customize guest viewing experience and reinforce branding and cost-effectiveness through an enhanced Home Menu that allows guests to view essential hotel information. Plus, the embedded LYNK REACH 4.0 solution allows for remote, centralized and efficient display management through a single remote control center, while its System Integrator compatibility and USB cloning enable multi-device management with less installation and maintenance efforts required.


LYNK REACH 4.0 is upgraded to accommodate existing LAN, WIFI and coaxial infrastructures to streamline hotel management. LYNK REACH 4.0 deploys personalized guest messages options of hotels, expands content delivery and facilitates two-way communication between hotel management and guests. User interface templates to deliver essential information can also be accessed, while in-room displays can be managed through a remote control center.

New Home Menu

Deliver a wide array of content to guests with an enhanced Home Menu that does not require the additional purchase of a solution or network infrastructure. New enhanced home menu enables hotels to welcome guests with a brief video clip along with the hotel logo before offering live TV. Guests can conveniently view resources such as the time, date and hotel information, and access frequently used TV features in user mode.


Provide a safe and cost-effective alternative to traditional hardware-based content protection systems using Samsung LYNK DRM technology. The solution allows encrypted live channel and VoD content to pass securely and display on hotel TVs. It also reduces the need for additional equipment and provides quicker recovery for Conditional Access System (CAS) problems. To help ensure system reliability, coverage extends to the enlargement of head-end equipment for cable operators.

SI Compatibility

Experience high compatibility with various System Integrators’ protocols at purchase with Samsung hospitality displays. This SI compatibility helps hotel managers save their time and effort when setting up protocols between SI-provided set-top boxes and displays.

Headphone ID compatibility

Give guests the luxury of listening to TV in bed without the cumbersome need to extend the headphone cable. Headphone ID detects when a pair of headphones is connected to the extension sockets next to a bed and switches the audio output to avoid disturbing others in the room.

Enhanced Security Mode

Utilize uniquely strong content management with Security Mode. With this feature, you can block critical functions of the displays, such as USB Cloning, to easily prevent changes to the displays' settings. You can also block non-compliant content or the transmission of unwanted Teletext (TTX) to maintain complete control of content on guest room displays.

Sound Bar Compatibility

Pairing a Samsung Hospitality TV with a Sound Bar creates a truly high-end media environment. Connected by a High-Definition Multimedia Interface® cable, settings are automatically applied, making installation a breeze, and the universal remote gives guests full control over the entire system.

Multi-code Remote

Eliminate annoying interference from other remote signals, such as hotel fitness centers, where multiple TVs are in close proximity. The multi-code remote can control up to 10 TVs individually in the same room.

Connect Share

With ConnectShare™ Movie, guests simply plug their USB stick or hard drive into the TV, allowing them to instantaneously view and share movies, photos and music. Content comes alive on the screen with excellent picture quality.

Channel Editor

Hotel managers can adjust the channel mix for both analogue and digital signals without the need to edit channel lists for different TV systems. The hotel can reorder and rename channels to make channel mapping easy and intuitive.

Software Clock

Allow your guests to check the current time on the TV whenever needed. Software Clock allows guest to check the time just by pressing the “Info” button, even when the TV is off.