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AEG Protect Basic. GE6 surge arrest överspänningsskydd

AEG Protect Basic. GE6 surge arrest överspänningsskydd

Tillverkare: AEG
ID: 6000007194
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Kabellängd1,8 m
Vikt & dimension
Vikt600 g
Höjd42 mm
Bredd404 mm
Djup60 mm
Ingångsspänning (Volt)230 V
Antal uttag AC6 AC-utgångar
AC försäljningsställenTyp F
Växelström Frekvens50 - 60 hz
Förpackningens innehåll
Kabel inkluderadAC
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Produktens färgSvart
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Source: Icecat.biz

Effective surge protection for sensitive home electronics
These power strips with surge protection guard against harmful power surges in the home. Nearby lightning strikes, for instance, can cause mains voltages to surge, damaging connected equipment. Even switching on other home electricals – like
fluorescent lights with conventional ballasts – can trigger an overvoltage in a home’s entire mains system. The AEG PROTECT Basic.GE series of surge protectors offers an effective safeguard against these kinds of voltage spikes.

The surge protectors have five outlets for standard grounded power plugs, plus one or two wider-spaced outlets designed to accommodate larger power adapters. The surge protectors include filters to suppress high-frequency interference voltages. To prevent tangled cables, they are also fitted with a cord management bracket at one end. Two LEDs indicate whether the power is on and surge protection is active. The power switch enables the mains supply to connected equipment to be cut off.

- Five grounded outlets plus one or two adapter-spaced outlets.
- Power cord (1.8m) with angled plug.
- Resetable automatic circuit breaker.
- All outlets are fitted with child locks.
- Prepared for wall-mounting.
- LEDs indicating operating state and active surge protection.

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