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Brodit Galaxy Tab Active 2 holder Pogo plug

Brodit Galaxy Tab Active 2 holder Pogo plug

Tillverkare: BRODIT
ID: 713003
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KompatibilitetM-T390, SM-T395
Produktens färgSvart
Korrekt användninginomhus
Mobilenhetens typSurfplatta/UMPC
OrienteringHorisontell / Vertikal
Inbyggda högtalarecross
Garanti1 år
Source: Icecat.biz

Active holder for fixed installation

Fits for devices with original skin. With tilt swivel. Use an active holder for your Galaxy Tab Active 2 while driving and you will always have a freshly charged battery! The active holder is to be connected inside the dashboard. It provides a discreet and neat installation without any cables hanging over the interior. Safe and convenient! 12/24 Volt. The product is E-approved. Connect the power cable with a 2 A fuse. 1 A charger. Charging via pogo plug. Professional installation recommended. The holder is mounted onto a tilt swivel. This mean that you can adjust the angle in order to avoid light reflection on the screen. You can easily switch between portrait and landscape mode by turning the holder into desired position. It is easy to put the unit into place in the holder, and to take it with you when leaving the car. Tablets (Surfpads) should not be installed onto a car’s dashboard if they block the view or block key controls. ProClip (Brodit’s vehicle mounting bracket) is designed for installation of smaller devices like mobile phones and GPS devices, ProClip is not designed for large devices like tablets. In some vehicles the ProClip has an extra firm fit and can then be used also for installation of a tablet. If you want to place a tablet onto the car’s dashboard, each combination of tablet-car must be examined in detail by you in order to determine if such an installation is possible in the specific case. Consideration should be given to the position and how firmly the ProClip is in place, as well as the size of the tablet you wish to use. Brodit will not give any recommendations for such installations. An installation of a tablet onto a vehicle’s dashboard is always done on the customer’s own responsibility. Brodit recommends to use tablets on the car’s headrest, installed onto a Brodit headrest mount.

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